Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mr. Weber?!

The day has come. I have gotten my hands on a William Weber demo. For those of you not in the know, Weber is a high school English teacher who taught many of the contributors to this site back when they were juniors. His classes were a fun and wild time...although I never actually had him for English class, I had class in the room next door, so I could hear everything through the wall. Sometimes I would even leave my class to go sit in on Weber's class. Eventually, we met and bonded.

Weber is known as an avid bird-watcher, once ranking 6th in the nation in birds seen. In his spare time, aside from driving 18 hours to see rare birds, he writes songs and performs at coffeehouses. This demo was recorded back in January, using nothing but GarageBand, various additional instruments and Weber's voice. It is a really incredible demo. Maybe it is just because I know the man personally, but I have a feeling that songs like "Running In A Skirt" and "The Sticker" should appeal to nearly everyone. The songs all have a different flavor to them, but Weber's songwriting really holds the whole package together, making it quite an exciting listen.

William Weber - Untitled Demo

NOTE: The demo is a bit unpolished, and at times the low frequencies get too loud and make the songs sound a bit distorted. But I have made it very clear that this is a demo, not an album, so don't complain to me about the quality. You probably won't even notice anyway, since the songs are so great.


Dan said...

I've said it before many many times, but it bears repeating: Somebody get this guy on SubPop right away!

Andrew said...

This shit is tight. I give Billy my full endoresment. "It's Gonna Be A Lonely Day" has been stuck in my head all afternoon.