Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Wolf Parade News ZOMG

Subpop's most recent bulletin has released a tracklist for the new, untitled Wolf Parade album. To be released on June 17th, the tracks are as follows:

Soldier’s Grin
Call It a Ritual
Language City
Bang Your Drum
California Dreamer
The Grey Estates
Fine Young Cannibals
An Animal in Your Care
Kissing the Beehive

Now, I don't know about all of you, but this makes me even more excited than I was before. I don't really feel like matching fake live titles to real titles at this point, but I'll do it anyway. Soldier's Grin is Soldiers, Call It A Ritual is Billy J, Language City stays the same, not really sure what Bang Your Drum is, California Dreamer is Stevie, I don't know what the Grey Estates is, Fine Young Cannibals stays the same, An Animal in Your Care is Chinese Way, and Kissing the Beehive is Crazy Horse.

Sorry for that long-winded explanation there, but I can't help but be overzealous about this news.

It gets even better, actually! Press copies have been released, it is official. A leak will come soon!!! This week's All Songs Considered on NPR has a one minute snippet of Call It a Ritual. It is all Sub Pop will let them post. I am listening to it right now. Wow. Has a sort of cabaret feel to it. Very, very catchy. I'm going to be upset when this minute ends. It's over. Krug's vocals are very low in the mix, but they are effected in such a way that it isn't a bad thing. And the instrumentation is stellar. I'm very happy about where this album seems to be going.


Andrew said...

Where the fuck is my studio version of "Cathedral Bells"?! (Hangs his head and walks off as the Charlie Brown music plays)

Stocker said...

They have a song called Fine Young Cannibals... why hasn't Dan made a "She Drives Me Crazy" joke yet?