Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally, the Damn Coldplay Tracklist

So, yeah, um, it's ten tracks, and from what Billboard and Rolling Stone tell us, it's a bold shift for the band. While the more "experimental" nature of the record is old news at this point, the fact that we finally have a tracklist, an official title (Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends), and a release date (June 17) is refreshing. So sit tight, we have a little while to wait to actually hear the thing, though we'll probably get a lead single in about a month, give or take. Hopefully it's "Yes," described by Billboard as a song that "shifts from a string- and tabla-driven rocker into a shoegazer-y breakdown." LOL
Death and all his songs:
01 Life in Technicolor
02 Cemeteries of London
03 Lost!
04 42
05 Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love
06 Yes
07 Viva la Vida
08 Violet Hill
09 Strawberry Swing
10 Death and All His Friends


Andrew said...

Every time I read "Lost!" I jump back in surprise a bit. Hopefully they've mastered their songwriting as much as they have their use of exclamation points.

Dan said...

Strawberry Swing? What did Darryl have to do with this record?

Joey (reasonableman616) said...

thats funny dan. it'd be great if that was really what the song was about.

not zack said...

hell yes!

dc said...

I like that 42 comes after lost!. I put a period after that exclamation point because I'm not THAT excited about it; I just wanted to point it out. they should do songs entitled, 4, 8, 15, 16, and 23.

Andrew said...

Fuck, good piont. If that's an intentional reference they've actually gained respect from me haha

Erik said...

They're British, so I would imagine that '42' is a reference to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

R.B. said...

It's clearly a reference to the Chartist Riots of 1842

June 16th said...

the accidental lost reference is hilarious but there's no way thats it.

doing hitchhikers would be so OK computer...

so my guess is 42 is the number of times chris martin had sex with brian eno