Thursday, December 18, 2008

People Make Love. We Make Art.

January 7, 2009

Get Ready to Make Babies

-AS and MG

Staff is reunited

AIM Chat with Andrew Stone , Matthew Gasda , reasonableman61612/18/08 12:11 AM
chat room?
reasonableman616 has joined this chat.
did the chat room whistle at you guys too
haha no
scared the shit out of me
fuck which aim is andrew?
the one with blue
to me i'm red
wait you're both blue to me
we're waiting on that skank erik now
im red!
i like how matt's here twice
i don't have names on mine, just icons
like he thinks he can have twice as many votes
matt is here twice?
he has yet t ospeak
it says 5 people here on my thing
i didnt realize
and two of them are matt lol
oh guys by the way
first official human face transplant
was in the paper today
which leads to
the possibility of face off
becoming a reality

i want to take
his face
lets go back to debating the logistics of the red vs. blue names
is that a bad movie
no its amazing
in a half bad half good way
half awful
i cant explain it
that means joey won't like it
no no
he absolutely will like it
you haven't even mentioned who's in it
let's get it for the beach house
that's the selling point
i know whos in it
nicholas cage
and the scientologist
i believed you
yea its the perfect beach house movie
i watched milk online today
can we go to the beach house without erik
the face transplant
did you like it joe
is really just htem like putting the faces on like a mask
in the surgical room
it makes no sense
i saw it the other day
it was good
it was so good
i need to see it
sean penn was a total bad ass
i thought it was really good
i really wanna see trh wrestler
i don't
sean penn is just the man
because they diss nirvana in the trailer
he was awesome
emil hirsh was good too
yeah he was
yeah the whole cast was good
i watched frost/nixon online
wait whats the wrestler
not nearly as good
ah i want to see tha
i want to see that new clint eastwood one
its worth seeing but i saw it on the same day as milk
and it paled in comparison
anybody in here excited for merriweather???

unless you're referring to safety brandon merriweather
then yes
haha i was actually
someone invite erik
this might be the first album of the century not to leak
not true
it will leak
if it doesn't
they send out retail copies this week
the radio station is having a listening party jan 6
its gonna leak
yo uguys wanna start a leak pool
ok its leaking
a leak pool sounds gross
a leak pool sounds like a real thing
like in erik's yard
wheres erik
with rats
i tried to surpress that day
haha no
you cant supress it
what are we doing in here again
pfork draft right
talking about how much erik hates mexicans
its fun just to be together
dude don't get erik started on mexicans
lets all talk in spanish when he arrives
mi picke de uno es un fleet foxes recerdo
no me gusta mexicans
ok is anyone even makign an effort to invite erik
i tried
i don't know how on a mac
but didnt know how
someone else needs to
mac o a pc
do it
have you seen that girl talk commercial
erik wants an invite
do it matt
none of us know how
oooh got it
Erik Kelechava has joined this chat.
make your font bigger
i can't read it
fuck you ethan
thats his font
his font IS his font!
ah i just lol'd
my font is my font
broke my streak of eighteen days without laughing
haha really?
i was fuckin stoic for ahwile there
shut up erik
andrew doesnt lie

best use of emoticon ever
i'll call it on myself i dont care
that thing is hilarious
okay let's pick an order
did jane's addiction release an album this year
if so i'm picking it
erik you have a calculator
do you have a random number generator
what makes you belive he has a calculator?
do you have a compass?
yeah seriously
calculators don't pertain to his major
jeez i'm sosorry

yo guys i told joe this already
well probably, but im not gonna get it
fuck you
just find one online
it cant be that hard
but my screenwriting final today was comprised of wii bowling and donut holes
you do it
it was like joe's dream final
ahh thats like a weber class
haha thanks erik
weber never bought us breakfast
we had to go to burger king and buy him shit
what a dick
it seriously took me like 5 seconds
haha seriously
clap... clap
do it in 4 and i'll really be impressed
magic bullet style
ill do it in 3
order is
fuck that
randomize again
andrew joe
lets go
game on
you guys finally have a chance for redemption
after i owned you in '06
nice pick if you want to lose
can i pick weird era cont.?
haha no
cut copy
tv on the radio i'll be back in one minute
tha carter 3
do i get another pick now?
keep track of your own picks and then email them to me
while we're waiting for andrew
ok uh erik how do feel about this guy
oh joe... you took my next 2
vampire weekend, they seem to enjoy those polo-shirt afficionados
ah well chosen
dumb choice erik
but we will continue
erik thats not on the list
haha nice
dodos got honorable mention today
thats like taking mike vick
just proves erik's the least geeky of us
in fantasy football
2008 sunset rubdown
mike vick is coming back
and will put big numbers
less egregious than sunset
on the cowboys hopefully
who does an honorable mention the day before they put a list up
that is so pretentious
haha pfork
erik take someone else
i'd take vick if i'm building an '09 team
let erik lie in the bed he's made
should we be hard on eirk?
ill be hard on you for your misspelling
vick is totally coming back
misspelling of what
my name
lets continue drafting
wait, are you really letting me choose again or what
i guess not
gasda pick twice
give me erik's failed pick
as in the dodos
or a chance to pick another album
no age
i mean i want an extra pick because erik failed
pick again
im thinking
already gone\
even i knew that was already gone
god matt
take the new common album
alright give erik 2 this time around, let's keep this in good fun
one second
fucked up
your pick or your list?
let erik pick two?
yea do it
you served penalty
beach house
missed a few turns as penalty
bon iver
the bug
the hold steady
fuck what else do they like
the fuck buttons
there goes my pick
y yo tambien
sorry guys... guess i'm pushing all the right buttons
youre right, what else do they like
08 was also a mad shitty year for the record
didn't forget today
that was the idea there
yeah chava!!!!
vivian girls
hope wolf parade splashes in at 1
or not on the list
how awesome would that be
yeah probably not
two consecutive krug snubs
erik would you flip shit?
i wouldnt be surprised
chava you would be so happy if that heppened
that is
i remember you were really unhappy with the sunset 8.6 last year
was i? i do find the first record to be better
gasda pick two
both those sunset records are great
yeah but the first one is more consisten
i think
lets speed shit up
bonnie prince
yo matt
do you know how far away from our houses becca sheplock lives
she lives on pennsylvania
she lives down the street from me
right by rose garden
oh ok
not that close to rose garden
i guess it doesn't matter that much in the grand scheme of the 3 hour drive tomorrow
pick pick pick
oh youre getting a ride from her
no it doesnt
a to speak
she's goin back with my dad and me
jeez i don't remember what they liked
i can't look at best new music
times new viking

its over
ethan won
right there
chava pick
all you erik
i think were gonna see an amazing zoomer comeback
one up that pick
bejar had an album this year
yea that really got buzz
ill go with that
its cause of your exciting review matt
the death...of the cool
lupEND will definitely top next years list
the three discs will be one two three
been waiting all day gotta pop this niggah UNNNGGGHHH!!!!
gemstones is my hero
oh is it my turn
that dj/rapture album that just came out
i think it was best new music
so sounds safe
let's try to pick 10 that way we can see if we can correctly nail top 50
or how many out of them
great idea
i switched faces for erik
so if he wins
i really win
'09 1. merriweather 2. everywhere 3. nowhere 4. down there 5. panda bear
ok i pick spiritualized
or who you think i am
just to continue the rhyming
hmm i think my face is still intact
chava you growin that mustache?
of course
i cant grow one
what about SB3?
so it doesnt relaly matter
neither can i
i shaved everything but the stache today
whos turn is it?
joey again
my second pick...
you guys are gonna be shocked when i come in with my tom selleck tomorrow
i hope thats true..
i really do
renaissance, of swords
the chances thats on there is so slim
no but really renaissance by Q-tip
good album
ethan i'm gonna pull one off your list
titus andronicus
thats a good call
so good
im going to go out on a limb here and say the new sigur ros
why not
we should post htis on pie
gang gang dance
this is a whole blog post waiting to happen
this whole chatroom
just all on pie
let's do
enjoy... after that list i'm retired from pie for at least a month
now i see why joey got out the game
i dont have access
o well
i'll post it gasda
im coming back in jan
i did thimble and horse in 05
hold on
o thimble and horse
so i know how it feels
joe would like to make an announcement
thanks ethan
what i already did
i think that will make a great post
say it into the mic
im returning in jan to pie
soooo many questions
can i be an admin?
merriweather has reinspired my taste in modern music
no pun intended
brandon or ac
did james fracno's performance in milk inspire you to return?
did it inspire you to become gay?
well franco, though fracno was good too
no, matt
sean penn did though
im in love with sean penn
people don't become inspired to be gay matt
it's not a lifestyle choice
chava is the dan white of bethlehem
though you make me wonder...
poor dan white
dan white was just misunderstood
why are you all saying that?
matt pick two
who's pick is it lol
isnt it ethans turn?
no i just picked gang gang dance
did anyone take portishead yet?
atlas sound
i did
and blitzen trapper
ooh fancy
thanks sexty
why dont you pick pavorajuh matt
you can start putting hotels on your bradford cox properties now
whatever that is
yeah really
its european
yeah so is sigur ros
and the libertines
erik whoes stephen malkmus?
is he european too
did you tell everyone your story andy?
to ethan's joke for the record
which story dude
the spiral stairs one
scott kanneberg!
i really enjoyed that
hahaha i sent a text to some people
that was awesome
we went out saturday night
she's fucking see animal collective on january 20
the day of the release
i apologize for not responding i was asleep... it really warranted one
oh wow
seeing *
lets wrap this shit up
whoes next
this sucks
you suck
yeah cause i'm gonna win
walker is on in five minutes
joe are you at home
or scottwill
at my brothers house
are your finals over?
crystal castles
one more tomorrow morning
just watch walker while doing this
he deserves my total attention
yeah i just watched hannity and colmes
whose pick
isn't it eriks?
one of my roommates tried to get weber to smoke weed when he visited
o yea eirk
yeah its my turn
he told me that haha
im going to go with the david byrne and brian eno album from this year
i feel like that will make the back of the list
did weber decline due to religious beliefs?
i'll go with that album with the longass name
marnie stern
pf gave paavorajuh 8.3
oh fuck
good call
i forgot about that
logically we all should have 10 to make 50
i say we make the last 2 or so rounds ridiculous though
let's try to get as many of the 50
and then we can have a ridiculous round
i'm running out of pitchfork approved artists
if someone wants to call joey, he's probably immersed in walker
i think we can do it
where are we in this
whose pick!
i think i have 7
i have 7
i have 8
erykah badu
dodos don't count erik
haha right
good pick for coke machine
james blackshaw
are we doing a coke machine lsit?
i love that james blackshaw album
of course you do
i forgot to put it on my list
no but it is good
its a good running album
the last one is good too
if we do a cokemachine list i'll have like 3 right
not for running though
my pick is los campesinos
which one!!
uhhhhhhh first
though nme likes the second more
nme draft?
pete doherty
the kooks
the gossip
last shadow puppets
i win
who's gonna take the glass passenger?
biro in absentia
we need a zack draft
i guess me, am i zacks representative?
he already gave us his list
no we draft a list of things zack likes
i know it would be easy as shit
erik you should pick before walker commercial break or joe's gonna be pissed
i didnt realize it was my turn
what channel is walker on
hallmark lol
did you pick neon neon andrew?
a channel i do not get
i just assumed you would be the only one
i think fork gave it like a 7.6
so ill go with that
i just turned on walker and my dad got pissed i turned off pimp my ride
my parents are alseep
i turned on vh1 today
oh no
and could literally feel my lifeforce draining as i watched
CD goes undercover in a rest home where patients have died at the hands of two doctors testing their alzheimer's research, which includes a drug banned by the FDA
walker summary
crystal stilts
whoes pick
oh man i just thought of a pick that's gonna light shit up
yes matt
my guide says: cd poses an al alzheimers patient in a convalescent home to investigate mysterious deaths
mine was more specific
whenever you talk i assume your really thinking about merriweathe
and made the doctors sound more evil
brandon merriweather got an al michaels call out on sunday night football a few weeks back
lets go
i got drunk and jerked off
did you guys catch the brodney pool call in the eagles game
that's my natural reaction to anything merriweather
haha yeah
mike tirico channeled his inner al
i assumed it was a different safety who caught it at first
madden glitches can happen for realz
still you lol
merriweather doesn't count...
unless we're gonna give you erik treatment
go with water curses
there was a great pregame interview with andy reid
oh shit
where they asked how he dealt with philadelphia pressure
and he just said "i eat a lot"
i dont believ you
harve milk
true story
thats not an album
it's the no-shit answer of the year
hahaha nice pick matt
yes it is erik
you pulled an erik
i knew that
i said that to myself earlier
no sympathy for you this time i say
thats an album
but an honorable mention
you've had fiteen minutes two picks and you took an honorable mention
harvey milk?
eh we'll let him pick when it's his turn again
i least prurient will make it
just take the there will be blood OST
i dont need 10 picks
oh i woudl
if we were drafting a matt list
why havent we been doing that?
lykke li
all my picks would be dildo
maybe different brand names
like the quarter pounder
great name
or the "jeff garcia will not lead the eagles to the superbowl but instead will take it up the butt"
my roommates and i are doing a similar thing
i forgot about that
hahaha great group
bets ever, really
lets see
i will go with
whatever erik
nick cave and the seeds
anyway we're doing an albums list and my friend included rick ross and weber's "running in a skirt ep" as he called it
i dont know any more pitchfork approved artist
man man
weber's such a fad
though i'm looking forward to his next new radicals cover
hopefully 'mother we just can't get enough'
jakob dylan
he's gonna do "torn" on friday
but i'll take 'someday we'll know'
are those real?
you do realize its not just him
man man is
i heard a story abotu some girl who got fucked in teh ass by someone in man man after a show
scott pine and the conifers are covering torn
that better erik?
you dont know that
i'll go with be your own pet... they broke up so pfork will respond
i'll take be your own pet
Andrew Stone has left this chat.
wtf andrew!
i know
what a major dick
can i go
he has nothing better to do
is it my turn
this is gonna mkae hte best pie pos
i still have to study guys
for what
comparative politicvs
can you email me your list
andy was kicked out
someone invite him
i don't know how
i did
i dont know why he isnt accepting
well he just signed off and on
this is horrible!!
im sleep
Andrew Stone has joined this chat.
i'm back i think
whos turn
im done
and the chat room whistled at me again
what did you take e?
whoes turn
lol malk
he took SM
not that funny though
erik what was the other half of chellyns number one album of the year
still funny
i'd give it a hehe
i dont respond to such absurd names
i called you erik
so you implied
that you accept chellyn
you indentify with chellyn
ethan your email didnt work
its just such an ugly looking name
i'll take high places
i heard kellyn gives great hand jobs
didn't work?
therefore afirming apriori that you are chellyn
i heard josh gives great head
josh howard?
josh smith?
josh harnett?
josh harnett, yeah
joshua tree?
knew the joshua tree was coming
i didnt
try again and then if it doesn't work do yahoo
i didnt know it til i typed it
whos turn is it
ok its all good
i want the ridiculous round
bye guys
got it
see ya joe
reasonableman616 has left this chat.
bye joe!
whoes pick?
did ollie byrd come out with an album this year ethan
i don't think so
no but kevin ollie did
we need to post about byrd
kevin ollie's jazz hits 1986- 2008
...its a comp
matt take one
there are still like 85s outstanding
max tundra
two actually since you screwed up
mount eerie
ok im out
things i think we missed
i was at mout zoomer and saw mount eerie in ear park
black milk
that was a CMG favorite
pavement reissue
pavement doesnt count
red album
lots of good sawngs
okay everyone email me
pet sounds
loads of sawngs
i'm gonna post the whole convo
on pie
oh goodie
its gonna be so long
denins wilson reissue
just so you knwo
i had to get out of it when it quite on me
it doesn't come up as different names
so it will just be different lines of text
o well
people will decipher
will they
mine does... but again it quit so i don't have it
its better we arent connected to this
so random will be funny
and less damning
no i want everyone to know i took marnie stern
the fonts are different
then have a seperate
that says
ifucked took marnie stern
did you see that she's opening a kissing booth
erik we should do the same over break
you can be kellyn
and i'll be erik
it'll be chellyn's kissing booth
what a horrible idea
can i just sit there and watch?
oh you can watch
can i just sit there and jerk off
ohh yeah
want you to watch
thing is
we don't even take customers...
yeah i have to say, thats not really a kissing booth
there'll be kissing
just not on the mouth...
i'm gonna continue making this creepier til everyone leaves
yeah im out
Erik Kelechava has left this chat.
okay andrew can you email me
matt you too
what do you want again?
the albums you drafted
ok whats your email
you guys wanna do something tomorrow night
i emaled fenway
i wanna stay home
and watch gossip girls
can i join
yeah sure
its just getting good
i gotta watch my ho sister until 830
let's go bowling
fuck no
Matthew Gasda has left this chat.
he gone
ok peace ho

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How's The Pie Second Annual 'Top 50' List

Without further ado:

50. Invincible- ShapeShifters

49. The Fuck Buttons- Street Horrrsing

48. Surf City- Surf City EP

47. Titus Andronicus- The Airing of Grievances

46. Re-Up Gang- '08 Mixtape

45. Los Campesinos!- We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

44. Neon Neon- Stainless Style

43. The Cool Kids- The Bake Sale

42. Erykah Badu- New Amerykah, Pt. 1 (Fourth World War) (Ed: Just a terrible title)

41. Beck- Modern Guilt

40. Crystal Stilts- Alight of Night

39. Animal Collective- Water Curses EP

38. Stephen Malkmus- Real Emotional Trash

37. Abe Vigoda- Skeleton

36. Flight of the Conchords- Flight of the Conchords

35. Lupe Fiasco- The Cool

34. Sigur Ros- Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust

33. Jean Grae- Jeanius

32. Los Campesinos!- Hold on Now, Youngster...

31. Santogold- Santogold

30. Marnie Stern- This Is It And I Am It Etc.

29. Girl Talk- Feed The Animals

28. T.I.- Paper Trail

27. My Morning Jacket- Evil Urges

26. MGMT- Oracular Spectacular

25. Steinski- What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective

24. Death Cab For Cutie- Narrow Stairs

23. Jack's Mannequin- The Glass Passenger

22. Pavoorajuh- The Life and Times of Pavoorajuh

21. Ra Ra Riot- The Rhumb Line

20. Ponytail- Ice Cream Spiritual

19. No Age- Nouns

18. Coldplay- Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

17. Gang Gang Dance- Saint Dymphana

16. Portishead- Third

15. Department of Eagles- In Ear Park

14. Wolf Parade- At Mount Zoomer (Ed: 15 and 14 back to back is pretty funny)

13. Beach House- Devotion

12. Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping

11. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend

10. The Hold Steady- Stay Positive

9. Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago

8. Lil' Wayne- Tha Carter III

7. Deerhunter- Microcastle

6. M83- Saturdays=Youth

5. The Walkmen- You & Me

4. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours

3. The Dodos- Visiter

2. Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes

1. TV On The Radio- Dear Science

So after hours of anticipation for Erik's list, we finally have a definite top 3. As it turns out, not many surprises in it- though TV On The Radio and The Walkmen were sharing a spot at #1 for a while, until Erik's list arrived and bumped Hamilton and company down to 5, while propelling TVOTR to a landslide victory. Expert analysis at the top of the hour but for now, here's the top 10 of everybody's individual lists.

Individual Top 10 Lists

Joe’s Top 10

1. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours
2. Lil’ Wayne- Tha Carter III
3. The Dodos- Visiter
4. TV On The Radio- Dear Science
5. Steinski- This Jazz Is Hot, Vol. 1
6. M83- Saturdays = Youth
7. Beach House- Devotion
8. T.I.- Paper Trail
9. Jean Grae- Jeanius
10. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend

Andrew’s Top 10

1. Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping
2. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours
3. The Walkmen- You & Me
4. TV On The Radio- Dear Science
5. Lil’ Wayne- Tha Carter III
6. Deerhunter- Microcastle/ Weird Era Cont.
7. Wolf Parade- At Mount Zoomer
8. My Morning Jacket- Evil Urges
9. Los Campesinos!- Hold on Now, Youngster…
10. M83- Saturdays = Youth

Matt’s Top 10

1. The Walkmen- You & Me
2. Deerhunter- Microcastle/ Weird Era Cont.
3. Pavoorajuh- Laulu Laakson Kukista
4. Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping
5. TV On The Radio- Dear Science
6. Portishead- Third
7. Gang Gang Dance- Saint Dymphana
8. Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes
9. Department of Eagles- In Ear Park
10. Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago

Zack’s Top 10

1. Coldplay- Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends
2. Ra Ra Riot- The Rhumb Line
3. Jack’s Mannequin- The Glass Passenger
4. Death Cab For Cutie- Narrow Stairs
5. The Walkmen- You & Me
6. The Hold Steady- Stay Positive
7. Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend
8. Girl Talk- Feed The Animals
9. Lil’ Wayne- Tha Carter III
10. Flight of the Conchords- Flight of the Conchords

Ethan’s Top 10

1. Deerhunter- Microcastle/ Weird Era Cont.
2. Ponytail- Ice Cream Spiritual
3. The Dodos- Visiter
4. Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes
5. Department of Eagles- In Ear Park
6. Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
7. Wolf Parade- At Mount Zoomer
8. Marnie Stern- This Is It and I Am It, Etc.
9. The Hold Steady- Stay Positive
10. Portishead- Third

Erik’s Top 11

1. Cut Copy- In Ghost Colours
2. Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes
3. TV On The Radio- Dear Science
4. The Dodos- Visiter
5. MGMT- Oracular Spectacular
6. Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
7. M83- Saturdays=Youth
8. Santogold- Santogold
9. Sigur Ros
10. The Hold Steady- Stay Positive
11. Stephen Malkmus- Real Emotional Trash

Monday, December 15, 2008

Top 25 Songs of 2008

Andrew's List

Albums are coming later in the week (from everyone on the "staff"), but here are 25 whistle-while-you-workers to tide you over while that giant cherry slice of heaven cools on the windowsill.

25. Franz Ferdinand- Ulysses

How are these guys going to put out a Greatest Hits album? Aren’t all of their albums essentially Greatest Hits anyway? The first track off Tonight: Franz Ferdinand sounds a lot like Franz Ferdinand.

24. Be Your Own Pet- Becky

No wonder the album’s called Get Awkward. I’ve gotta say, no matter how awkward my social experiences got in high school, I never threatened to wait for a girl with knives after lunch. Actually I have.

23. Evangelicals- Skeleton Man

Actual Evangelicals = not as good, possibly more entertaining

For evidence, check this out.

22. The Hold Steady- Stay Positive

The only song of the year where you can actually see a thousand mugs of beer being fist- pumped into the air during the chorus.

21. Bon Iver- Skinny Love

Okay, I’ll be honest. Never heard this one before it was on Chuck. But from that moment on, I was down with it. P.S., you should watch Chuck to make up for you not watching Pushing Daisies.

20. Wolf Parade- Fine Young Cannibals

Chef Boekner serves us up an absolute feast of indie-rock guitar. The rest of the album won’t leave you hungry either.

19. Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma

Seriously, man, who gives a fuck about those? As an English minor, I would basically be this guy if I owned, like, 30 more polo t-shirts.

18. Neon Neon- Steel Your Girl

“I Lust U” was the obvious track pick off Gruff Rhys’s killer electro-pop album, but this one stole my heart… along with your girl. Owned.

17. Kanye West- Paranoid

The only track off 808’s and Heartbreaks that doesn’t suck is also a complete club banger. Blonde dikes of the world, rejoice.

16. M83- Kim and Jessie

Further proof that we need a Tears for Fears reunion. Now. The world is finally ready.

15. Beach House- Gila

Whenever the melody plays, a beach house somewhere gets its wings. Or patio. Whatever grand reward that beach houses are entitled to.

14. Animal Collective- Water Curses

They’re jamming? They’re jamming. And I hope you like Strawberry Jam too.

13. Cut Copy- Feel The Love

It’s hard to describe the way in which my emotional compass swings every time “Feel The Love” kicks in to start the album. The only similar experience I had this year was when I masturbated in an elevator.

12. Los Campesinos!- Death to Los Campesinos!

This is power-pop at its finest. It’s so punk that it doesn’t even want to admit it’s punk. And that makes it sort of… adorable?

11. Surf City- Dickshakers Union

Probably a closer combination of My Bloody Valentine and Animal Collective than the Electioneers were, “Dickshakers Union” is an example of an exciting young band writing better songs than even they probably realize.

10. Big Boi feat. Andre 3000 and Raekwon- Royal Flush

Mad. Fucking. Ill.

9. Lil’ Wayne- Dr. Carter

This track, which involves Weezy saving the lives of three struggling MCs, single-handedly encompasses what makes Lil’ Wayne both revolutionary and excruciating. His penchant for rhyming the same word and still making it cool (“Arthritis in my hand from writing, but I’m a doctor they don’t understand my writing”), hilarious wordplay (“Let me put some mo’ vocab in your I.V.”) and lines that don’t make any sense whatsoever (“Fly go hard like geese erection”). Hip-hop, he saved your life.

8. The Walkmen- On The Water

Hamilton Leithauser sounds pretty calm on the duration of You and Me, but he’s fucking pissed here. It’s like Daniel Craig from Quantum of Solace suddenly took up an interest in Bob Dylan, grabbed a microphone, and started regretting taking the Bond role after realizing Bond movies all kind of suck.

7. Of Montreal- An Eluardian Instance

The centerpiece of Kevin Barnes’ twisted masterwork deviates from his Georgie Fruit persona long enough for him to tell the story of how he met his wife. Filled with blaring trumpets, a touching mid-section repeating the line “do you remember?”, and his usual sense of humor (“I asked your friend if you were available, she answered ‘yes but no, well, uh, well yes and no”), it’s absolutely fucking beautiful.

6. Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks (Live on Letterman)

Premiered on David Letterman, this incredible live track is a remarkable vocal feat, as well as a vast improvement over the songs on the solid but overrated Yellow House.

5. My Morning Jacket- Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 1

One of the most gorgeous pieces of music I’ve heard all year, it was also used as a title for a “One Tree Hill” episode. So that sort of evens things out.

4. Animal Collective- Brothersport

I don’t know how you open up one’s throat, exactly, but as long as this song keeps playing, I’m going to keep trying.

3. Cut Copy- Far Away

One thing that I just can’t conceive is how this thing hasn’t lit every club in America on fire. Literally, they should have burst into flames. After writing this song, they should have put a ‘Paste’ on the end of the band name. Cause they just pasted you.

2. Deerhunter- Nothing Ever Happened

Three, short ambient pieces lead up to “Nothing Ever Happened.” I’d call that excessive if the payoff wasn’t so big. “Nothing Ever Happened” is a jam for the ages.

1. Animal Collective- My Girls

If I had to choose between sex and “My Girls” for the rest of my life, I’d choose “My Girls.”

UPDATE: OK, so I forgot to include T.I.'s "Whatever You Like", which is basically the catchiest thing ever written. Just pretend its lumped somewhere between two of the 12 Animal Collective songs on the list.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Top 4 CSI's of 2008

4. CSI: New York- oh, CSI: New York... will you ever reach the heights of your predecessors?

3. Law and Order: SVU- not even a CSI show, but still a better CSI than CSI: New York.

2. CSI- did you see the one with the dead guy? And the forensics specialists? Man, that was a good CSI.

1. CSI: Miami- call me crazy, but I'll just come out and say it. CSI: Miami is the best CSI on the air right now.

Honorable Mention: Juno. It's a movie from 2007 about a pregnant teenager, so that invalidates it, but somehow, it manages to out-CSI even CSI: Miami.

Zack's Top Ten Favorite Things of 2008!!

As 2008 comes to and end I decided to take a look back at me experiences in the past year and arbitrarily rate them. Consider this my contribution to the end of year lists. I'll try to include as many music related things to my list as possible, but I can't make any promises.

10. NBA 2k9 Slam Dunk Contest
As far as video games go, the slam dunk contest in 2k9 is one of the most entertaining and frustrating things I've ever experienced. Despite the steep learning curve associated with the controls it is extremely entertaining. There's nothing quite like attempting dunks that defy gravity while jumping over a car. And hey, if you do well enough you might just get the chance to get your ass kicked by Tracy McGrady.

9. Iron Pigs

Going to ball games at Coca-Cola Park with some good friends and my dear buddy Calico Jack comes in at number nine. Even though the team sucked tremendously it was still a blast to go for the inaugural season. Who could pass up a chance to see the Zooperstars anyway.

8. Lehigh Club Tennis

Going to Nationals!!! Wooo!!

7.Shark Attack 3: Megaladon

I honestly don't remember much of this movie, but from what I saw it was hilarious. "And who would believe you? A disgruntled employee with stolen, confidential documents? My lawyers would have a field day with you! They are the REAL sharks!"

6. SBT - A Rennaisance of Swords
One of the greatest albums of our time. Look for SB3 in 2009!

5. Coldplay- Viva La Vida
...the album...not the song.

4. Ron Paul


3. Jack's Mannequin - The Glass Passenger
Can't stop listening

2. Phillies

1. Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
I know it's not from 2008, but I keep finding myself wandering into Cathbad's Chamber

Friday, December 5, 2008


First up:

Top 10 U2 Songs of 2000

10. In A Little While
9. Wild Honey
8. Peace On Earth
7. Grace
6. Kite
5. New York
4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
3. Walk On
2. Beautiful Day
1. Elevation

Discuss. Agree? Disagree? Feel "Kite" should have been higher? Should "When I Look At The World" have made the cut?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Living Up To Their Promises

2008 has been a big year. It's given us an African American president, a Phillies World Championship, and Chinese fucking Democracy. With that, 2009 has a lot to live up to as far as promises given this year or earlier go. Here's a few artists that have promised us big things are on their way- and the percentage that they actually deliver.

The Avalanches- 2nd Album
The Promise: They're sample-happy and they make us happy, and they claim that their second album is in the can. Problem #1: We've heard this claim several times for the past few years from The Avalanches and Problem #2: Where the fuck is it if it's done? If Australia has been listening to this in secrecy for the past three years and they're just holding out on us, I'm gonna be pissed. Of course, it's hard being that agitated when Since I Left You remains a religious experience every time you listen to it, some nine years later.

Chances It Actually Happens: 75%. It's looking good, but we could have said the same thing at the beginning of 2008.

Ghostface and MF Doom- Swift and Changeable
The Promise: A dope team-up between Ghostface and Doom, 'nuff said. Unfortunately, it's another project that's been rumored for two long, and Doom seems to be MIA lately, and not in a teaser trailer-approved "Paper Planes" type way. And even if this does see the light of day, will either MC have their heart in it?

Chances It Actually Happens: 30%. Who knows if this is even happening anymore?

Raekwon- Cuban Lynx II
The Promise: The long-shelved sequel to one of the most beloved Wu solo albums.

Chances It Actually Happens: 70%. If Rae doesn't let this thing out this year, a free Mountain Dew to everyone in America.

My Bloody Valentine- 2 New Albums?!
The Promise: Two new albums from My Bloody Valentine, who haven't released a single album in over a decade.

Chances It Actually Happens: 80%. For one, at least. They're in the studio, playing together, and they've seemed to respond for the notable lack of noise in rock nowadays.

Lupe Fiasco- LupE.N.D.
The promise: A triple-album send-off from hip-hop's poet laureate.

Chance It Actually Happens: 95%. Oh, it's happening. You'll be cutting Lupe's infinite mixtape down to one disc of your favorite tracks by June.

Radiohead- In Rainbows Follow-Up
The Promise: Not a promise as much as news that the band is in the recording process for their eight LP.

Chances It Actually Happens: Wait, just went to Thom's blog. It'll be out in 10 days.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Record Review: Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping

Love it or hate it, Of Montreal’s ninth album is a mysterious voyage.

Rating: 4.5/5

I feel like this review should start with a disclaimer, so here it is: this is a record made by Kevin Barnes for Kevin Barnes and anyone else who wants to join in on his sexploites. If you feel you can’t commit to a universe where freaking out on mountain goats, doing it softcore (or both ways), and ejaculating until it’s no longer fun are common practice, you may want to get out while you can. If, on the other hand, the concept of an album composed almost entirely of one to two minute, sexually ambiguous and sometimes awkwardly direct song snippets does not terrify you, you're free to board the craziest party boat since Onterio Smith introduced the world to the Whizzinator.

Skeletal Lamping is not going to be an album that is universally accepted, but it may wind up being a landmark moment in pop music ten years down the road. Conversely, it could be left on the side of said road to collect dust, a forgotten showcase of one man’s fragile psyche and his ill-advised expedition to cleanse himself.

That’s what Skeletal Lamping is, and why its title is one of the best in recent memory. Lamping is the cruel hunting practice of setting up a lantern in the middle of the night and waiting for animals to flock to it, setting up an inevitable slaughter. On the ninth Of Montreal album (though essentially the fourth Kevin Barnes solo album, as he has recorded each one since 2004’s Satanic Panic In The Attic by himself), Barnes attempts to use the same practice within himself, to cleanse his own personal demons.

Coming off the heals of last year’s painfully honest Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?, it comes as no surprise why Barnes would want to do this. But no one could have predicted how sexual this thing could have turned out. Without further ado, ten favorite lines from the album (and debate on this subject is both necessary and welcome):

10. I took her standing in the kitchen, ass against the sink.

9. You’re the only one with whom I would roleplay Oedipus Rex (Gasda).

8. I’m so sick of sucking the dick of this cruel, cruel city.

7. Just to look at her is God… can’t you see it baby?

6. Here’s the kind of guy that would leave you in a k-hole to go play Halo in the other room.

5. You know I would have given it up to almost anybody who had a little bit of money and was sweet to me.

4. When the hope of another wet nightmare is all we have to live for.

3. I want to make you cum two-hundred times a day.

2. I asked your friend if you were available/ She answered no but yes, uh well, uh well yes and no.

1. I want to hurt you bad/ Make you paranoid/ and say the sweetest things.

The last line comes from “Gallery Piece”, a thoroughly disturbing piece of perpetual contrasts that divide the psyche of Barnes from the sweet to the violent, from his external nature to his sexual urges. Like many Of Montreal songs, it sets an uplifting, funky groove over deceptively morbid lyrical undertones.

“Touched Something’s Hollow” is the purest, most honest moment on the album. Barnes asks, “Why am I so damaged girl? Why am I such poison girl? I don’t know how long I can go on, if it’s gonna be like this forever.” This lasts all of two unnervingly straightforward minutes, before blasting into the trumpets of album highlight “An Eluardian Instance”, recounting how Barnes met his wife.

Yeah, there’s a black she-male and a fun moment where Barnes admits he has no clue what he’s talking about, and dozens of other things I haven’t mentioned and probably should have, including the last thirty seconds of “St. Exquisite’s Confessions” and frontrunner for best Of Montreal song title ever, “Triphallus, To Punctuate!” You can even start the album with lead single “Id Engager” as the first track and play the entire thing backwards for an entirely different yet somehow still cohesive experience.

It’s all a matter of how much you feel you want to immerse yourself into this experience. As someone who’s heard the album dozens of times, now, it’s still fun to pick up new, subtle nuances, as if dissecting fragments of one long, psychodelic dream. To the untrained ear, this is nothing more than a series of song ideas that don’t really add up to complete songs. But to dedicated lampers, this concept of pop-song schizophrenia is nothing short of revelatory.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Review: Jack's Mannequin - The Glass Passenger

It's three years since Jack's Mannequin released their first album, Everything In Transit, and their long anticipated second album (at least I was anticipating it) is finally here! I know that this review has come a little late considering this album was released last month, but I'll have you know I was not planning on reviewing it at all. The rest of the 'How's the pie?' staff was heartbroken when they heard this, and they begged me to review here goes.

I must admit that my first impression of this album was not great. It clearly had more consistency than Everything In Transit, but it was still lacking those incredibly catchy songs like Dark Blue and The Mixed Tape. I was very reluctant to give up on this album so I gave it a few more listens at home over fall break without the distractions of a college campus, and many of the songs have really grown on me. The post production and multilayering of many songs gives this album something extra that might have been missing on their first one.

The album leads of with "Crashin" and if you're willing to get past Andrew's scratchy vocals in the beginning you'll find this song has a very catchy chorus with probably the most beautiful piano part in the entire album. "Spinning" and "What Gets You Off" are also very good songs that have a similar build up from their low key verse to an extremely catchy chorus.

The album's first single "The Resolution" is probably the most memorable song on the album. The powerful vocals and piano melody certainly make it one of the most replayable songs.

Even though The Glass Passenger has its share of upbeat songs, tunes like "Swim", "Hammers and Strings", and "Orphans" among others tend to way down the album. Although these songs are emotionally significant given what Andrew has been through and how his lyrics reflect his experiences, they aren't quite as listenable as the previously songs previously mentioned.

What made this album so appealing for me on my third and fourth listen through were the lyrcis. It was very easy to identify with many of the songs and I have to say that piano rock is just so damn catchy.

Rating: 3.5/5

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Record Review: Oasis: Dig Out Your Soul

Not the one "that's gonna save" them.

Rating: 2.5/5

If someone wanted to list all the bands that have referred to The Beatles as an important influence to their music, it would probably take a few weeks. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this; The Beatles are widely regarded as one of the best bands of all time. Unfortunately, Oasis didn’t realize that the first time The Beatles wrote classics like “Tomorrow Never Knows” and “Come Together,” they did it right. On Oasis’ seventh studio album, Dig Out Your Soul, they aren’t ashamed to rehash any ground already covered by their obvious inspiration, but still manage to give their fans something mildly worth-while.

Dig Out Your Soul opens with tight grooves on both “Bag it Up” and “Waiting for the Rapture:” full of catchy guitar hooks and Liam Gallagher’s classic abrasive vocals, but they also contain predictable crescendos and melodies. Not surprisingly, Oasis hasn’t evolved much since 1994’s Definitely Maybe. Their problems transcend the ability to develop resonating melodies; this material was only creative fourteen years ago.

Despite the fact that Oasis hasn’t changed its formula over the course of seven albums, Dig Out Your Soul still has its share of highlights. The acoustic guitar and piano based tune “I’m Out of Time” features pleasantly simple lyrics from Gallagher, “If I’m to fall / Would you be there to applaud / Or would you hide behind them all?” Clearly channeling Lennon, the ballad manages to capture the last bit of freshness that remains from past Oasis efforts.

Right before “I’m Out of Time” comes the leading single, “The Shock of the Lightning.” Driving percussion, noisy guitars and Liam’s coarse verse vocals make up for the obvious Beatles reference in the chorus lyrics, which repeatedly croon, “Magical mystery.” The Fab Four hijacking doesn’t end there; “(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady” lifts both a drum pattern and guitar hook that sounds eerily similar to the timeless “Come Together,” but doesn’t deliver the resonating bass line and powerful chorus that comes with the Abbey Road standout. “To Be Where There’s Life” contains plenty of sitar and psychedelic progressions to show the clear attempt to channel the Revolver closer “Tomorrow Never Knows,” but lacks the suspense and unearthly sense that the Beatles’ classic delivers.

Beyond the few highlights and an obvious influence of a certain 1960’s band, there’s nothing too exciting here. The last three tracks don’t contain anything noteworthy, except album closer “Soldier On,” which uses clichéd and ineffective reverb on Gallagher’s voice which spouts boring lyrics like “Hold the line, friend of mine / Sing a song / Soldier on / Shine a light for me tonight / Don’t be long,” make the band sound blander than ever.

Suffering from uniform instrumentation and consistently uninspiring lyrics, Dig Out Your Soul fails to accomplish anything substantial for the veteran Brit-rockers. Not only does it fail to reproduce a “Live Forever” or “Wonderwall,” Oasis’ standard songwriting formula does nothing to challenge new listeners. Beyond its struggles, Dig admittedly churns out a few worthwhile tracks, but nothing which makes it worthy of sitting next to Definitely Maybe or (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, let alone Revolver or Abbey Road.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wake Up, Mr. West

Uh... Kanye? I'm all for artists trying something new with their sound, but when the songs aren't going anywhere, that's a problem. Thus is the dilemma with "Love Lockdown", the newest single from self-proclaimed best MC on the planet and now not much of an MC at all Kanye West. With a repetitive drum loop and beyond awkward keyboard, it's a track that sounds like it would fit in better with some of the lesser songs on Hail To The Thief, rather than The College Dropout.

Sure, it could be that he's trying to share his soul with us following the passing of his mother, but that would be a lot more convincing without that shitty T-Pain vocal effect.

Maybe he should consider going for his Masters before continuing down this road, cause he's seriously in danger of SBT passing him.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Salem Bitch Trials Myspace

After the release of their incredible album "A Rennaisance, of Swords" SBT has put up their own Myspace page. Now you can be kept up to date on all the important SBT updates!! Very exciting I know.



You can now watch two new music videos from the upcoming album by The Streets, titled Everything Is Borrowed. They're both exceptionally moving (the title track has got to be the frontrunner for video of the year), harkening back to Skinner's best work on A Grand Don't Come For Free. Though the end of the Streets is allegedly near, Skinner is showing us that he has enough gas left in the tank to go out on top.

Awsome album art btw


Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Rennaisance of New Music

Bloc Party- Intimacy

Yeah, "Mercury" sucks. To make matters worse, it's sandwiched between two equally obnoxious tracks, "Ares" and "Halo". To make matters worse, these happen to be the first three songs on Bloc Party's sudden third LP. Having nearly completely abandoned the guitar rock of still-exciting debut Silent Alarm, Bloc Party's new elctro-dance-glitch direction is sure to turn off many with its way over-the-top beats (you complained about Partie Traumatic's production? Wait 'til you get a listen to this one.) Once you get past the messy start, however, there are a few redeeming tracks to be found in the back of the album, namely potential singles "One Month Off" and "Better Than Heaven", and the group's relentless energy and constant effort to reinvent their sound (this is their third album in just four years) inspires. Intimacy isn't going to do anything to help the nagging notion that Bloc Party don't really know how to write songs, but it's a small step up from the melodrama of 2007's Weekend In The Shitty.

Okkervil River- The Stand-Ins

Billed as the second part of a double-album, Okkervil River's new offering, the Stand-Ins, could barely stand as little more than that- a companion album. Coming off the heels of 2007's The Stage Names, a classic slice of hot, American pie, its sister album doesn't reach the same heights of "Our Life Is Not A Movie" and "A Girl In Port", but it is a solid sidekick. I won't go into great detail, but if The Stage Names left you wanting more, know that The Stand-Ins will finally make you full.

Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping

OMG. Kevin Barnes is really, really fucking horny. Of Montreal's 9th album is really, really fucking insane. A large portion of it is devoted to the adventures of Barnes's alter-ego, a 40-year-old black transvestite named Georgie Fruit, who used to front a 70's band named The Arousal. It's fifteen tracks long, but depending on how you look at it, it could be anywhere from one to one-hundred songs. Each track is composed to four or five different pop segments, each strung together by the mind of Kevin Barnes, which explodes at least six times during the duration of this album. It's a trip through a fucked up, schizophrenic brain, and I recommend listening to it without taking notice of the track switches. That way, you honestly don't have a clue what's coming next. It's funky, it's sexy, and it's full of absolutely stunning, hard to pronounce pop songs like "An Eluardian Presence" and "Plastis Wafers". Oh, it's also unquestionably on the short-list for album of the year. But seriously, WTF?

SBT- A Rennaisance, Of Swords

Yes, the Rennaisance is finally done. Its release has been anticipated more than Cuban Linx II and Swift and Changeable combined, but this soon-to-be-legendary hip-hop sensation has finally surfaced. Masterfully produced by Donut Hole and tirelessly post-produced by Courtney Kalamar, both of whose identities remain cloaked in shadow, this purposefully misspelled Rennaisance throws insane beats and educationally-stimulated lyrical wordplay at you like a swarm of ninja throwing stars. Donut Hole, perhaps best known for his slick delivery and otherworldly talent for building metaphors, continues his dominance here with lines like "I bring heat like a toster/ Roasting every other one of your sculptors", completely abandoning the notion that toasters did not exist in 15th century Florence. Kalamar, meanwhile, never one to shy away from completely deviating from the song's topic in favor of lyrical spitfire, keeps the show from getting stale with his unique method of saying whatever the fuck he wants. Like Spencer Krug in Wolf Parade, his talents are kept in check by Donut Hole, ensuring that not every track devloves into a pop-culture referencefest. Though there are plenty of those to go around: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ian Brown, Harry Potter, Steve Holt, The Wire, Grand Theft Auto, butler Bernard, The Eagles, Stan Lee, Interpol, Jerry Maguire, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Michael Phelps, Fargo, Dice-K, Star Wars, The Revenge of Shinobi, Dewayne Wade, Veronica Mars, and the Spanish Inquisition are just a few of the modern-day pop culture phenomenons that make their way onto the Rennaisance. Newcomer Lil' Poltageist provides hooks on standout tracks "95 Theses" and "The Medicis", a breath of fresh air amidst misguided party tracks like Kalamar's "Get On Your SBKnees", a sexually confusing hodgepodge slightly resembling a rap song that will make you want to fuck everything you see for the rest of your life.

"Galileo", featuring a beat co-produced by former Electioneers frontman Matt Gasda, is another highlight, carefully splicing the line between SBT's haunting music and awe-inspiring, occasionally historically innacurate lyrics. But it's "95 Theses" that really welcomes the Salem Bitch Trials to the game. A sampled soul beat, two immaculately perfect verses by both MCs, an appearance by both Poltageist and fictional video game character Black Swan, and a legitimate respect for the Lutheran religion suggest that DH and CK, both presumably African American and in their mid to late 30's, are here to stay.

If you'd like your copy of the Rennaisance, contact either myself or Joe, both of whom are exhausted from spending three months on a hip-hop album and ferociously envious that it wasn't this one.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

...because we're all so eager to see it...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The New Walkmen Album Is Absolutely Delicious

In terms of pie, that is. A band that makes Vampire Weekend look like four guys scrapped together at the last minute for a gig at the bible camp farewell bonanza, The Walkmen have delivered yet again on You & Me, a collection of songs that, unsurprisingly, deals with themes of winter, New Years, Christmas, and lead singer Hamilton Leithauser's perpetual distaste for his girlfriends.

Though not as Dylanesque as 2006's A Hundred Miles Off, Y&I nonetheless sounds like the work of an oddly comforting lovechild between a young Dylan and an old Rod Stewart. Take "On The Water," an absolutely stunning track that wouldn't sound out of place on Blood On The Tracks. Like all great Walkmen songs, it reveals itself slowly, taking several listens before you fully comprehend how masterful the songwriting and musicianship adds up to be. "You know I'd never leave you/ No matter how hard I try/ You know I'd never leave you/ And that's just how it is!" spits Leithauser before his band comes crashing in. It would absolutely be my song of the year if it wasn't immediately followed by "In The New Year", this record's stab at the unacceptable heights set by "The Rat" in 2004. God, this band's greatest hits album is gonna be so dope.

Please put Fleet Foxes down for a second and go buy this album. Now.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Harry Potter Trailer!!!

Since July of 2007 and my second visit to see Order of the Phoenix in theaters I've been eagerly awaiting the release of the sixth film. Even though we're still over a hundred days away from the actual release of the movie (SO FAR AWAY!!!) the first trailer is finally here. Judging by the trailer Half Blood Prince will kick some serious tail and rightfully so as Dumbledore looks to be even more of a badass than in the last film.

Check it out...

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best of 2008 (Q1/Q2)

Here at Pie, we love lists. Maybe a little too much (I’m pulling for a lift on the Constitutional ban on man/list marriages…). We’ll look for any excuse to compile one. [ed: Does not reflect the opinions of the Pie staff] For example, one look at the Mayan calendar will tell you that 2008 is officially a little past the halfway mark. Here’s a (partial) listing of the greatest musical offerings January through June brought us (Don’t worry, to the chagrin of one certain Pie writer, and the joy of everyone else, it’s 100% Krug-free!) [ed: Again, does not reflect the opinions of the Pie staff]

Santogold – Santogold

On perhaps the debut album of the year, Philadelphia’s answer to M.I.A. delivers sublime hybrids of synth-pop, disco-punk, and many more hyphenated subgenres so fringe they don’t even exist. Don’t be deterred by the recent MTV endorsement; these songs are club bangers even you jaded indies can enjoy unironically.
Download: Creator; Lights Out; L.E.S. Artistes

Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

Yes, the whole mashup thing may be ‘so 2002,’ if you ask MC Lars, but Pittsburgh-based DJ Gregg Gillis takes the A+B concept and adds every other letter of the alphabet to create algebra hell, and pure genius. Magic happens everywhere on his fourth full-length, especially with extended blends such as International Player’s Anthem over Paranoid Android, and Woo Ha! over Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. An ADD-addled music nerd’s Valhalla.
Download: Play Your Part (Pt. 1); Give Me a Beat; No Pause

Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

Say what you will about the latest in the line of over-blogged indie acts (see also: Arcade Tapes N’ Monkeys), this debut is undeniably infectious. What “Graceland” would sound like if Paul Simon regularly said ‘fuck.’ Breezy, buzzy and with its fair share of steel-drum, haters will call it a mediocre cash-in on sounds of old, but just attempt to get “Bryn’s” central riff out of your brain within seven days. No small feat.
Download: Oxford Comma; Walcott; Bryn

Flight of the Conchords – Flight of the Conchords

Whoa, a comedy album, soundtrack and New Zealand oddity all wrapped into one (three usually acrid tastes rarely seen in Pie). The brilliantly-afroed duo from the HBO hit show of the same name deliver smart-yet silly send-ups of modern folk mixed with urban living. Come for the ‘80s synths, stay for the stilted rapping and awkward lady-worship.
Download: Robots; Boom; Inner City Pressure

Honourable Mentions:
Beck – Modern Guilt
Del the Funkee Homosapien – 11th Hour
M83 – Saturdays = Youth
Weezer – Weezer (Red Album)

So, what do we have to look forward to for the rest of this great year? Well, I guess the new Hold Steady is already out (too lazy to Google it)… Don’t expect anything new from Radiohead for another seven years… Oh well, we always have Chinese Democracy to pray for…


Friday, July 11, 2008

Lil' Reviews

I'll be frank. I had about a paragraph's worth to say about each of the following albums, and then, just as I finished, accidentally closed the window without saving. Guess that's just a testament to how slow the summer months have been. Maybe I'll get up the effort to rewrite about these, but for now, here's the skinny.

Beck- Modern Guilt: 4 pies. Buy it.

Black Kids- Partie Traumatic: 4 1/2 pies. Buy it.

Albert Hammond Jr.- Como Te Llama?: 3 pies. Give it a listen.

The Vines- Melodia: 1 pie. Burn it.

Not the classiest update, sure, but at least you now have some direction in your life again.


Monday, June 30, 2008

Jay-Z at Glastonbury: Watch It

Following a much-publicized war of words with Noel Gallagher, Jay-Z kicked off his Glastonbury performance perfectly: by covering, in hilarious fashion, "Wonderwall." He proceeds to perform, with the help of Memphis Bleek for part of the show, such classics as "99 Problems," "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," and "Dirt Off Your Shoulder." And oh yeah, he raps over "A Milli" and says "Fuck Bush" at one point.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Record Review: Sigur Ros: Með Suð í Eyrum vVð Spilum Endalaust

The Icelandic post-rockers release their fifth album, whose title translates to "With a Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly."

Rating: 3.5/5

I have a friend, at the moment, who is deeply, hopelessly in love with a girl who doesn't love him back. She is effortlessly beautiful, and knowing full well how my friend feels, has lead him on with endless half friendship, half courtship. People that beautiful, if they choose, can spend their lives being told how beautiful they are, instead of realizing it for themselves.

The music of Sigur Ros was in danger of becoming that girl after Takk, which had over-refined the transcendent, glacial aesthetic to the point of becoming good rather than great. How could we critics and fans, hopelessly in love after Ágætis Byrjun (a hypothetical full batch of pies) see the difference? How could the band possibly make their "difficult record" when the music community accepted their early minimalist 10 minute gibberish epics with joy? How can the band throw off these suitors and realize their beauty for themselves?

If the album cover and music of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust provide any clue, it is to get naked. Sigur Ros have basically said, "Fuck it, you can turn off our amps, and we'll sound great with a few acoustics," and they do. But the acoustic/unplugged approach isn't original, and the nudity analogy isn't either.

Sigur Ros prove that they sound wonderful with simple production and in doing so reveal, with the exception of the first track, "Goobledigook," the limits of "naked" approach. Even though the songs hold up under more simple arrangements, they have not done anything remarkable with those arrangements. At first, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust seems like a confident realization of the band's naked beauty, but the bands methods haven't actually changed. They've pulled plenty of instruments out of the mix, but the idea is still to build tension very, very slowly. "Goobledigook" and the second track actually explore new ideas, like a faster pace and full organic instrumentation hinting at something like Feels, but that's as far the band goes before it slips back into more familiar territory. "Festival" and "Ara batur," the two longest tracks, leave plenty of space before the songs get big, but we always know the kick in is coming.

It's not that any of this is bad, I just hold Sigur Ros to the high standard they've earned for themselves. So while Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust is direct and beautiful, it lacks the element of mystery that would deepen its effect. The direction suggested by "Goobledigook," where acoustic instruments are something to be experimented with, rather than left unadorned, is just more interesting than what unfolds.
-Matt Gasda

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