Monday, April 7, 2008


This Coldplay fun fact has nothing to do with the upcoming album so if you were anticipating news of another name change for the album prepare to be disappointed. I just think that the How's the Pie readers along with the staff (especially) will think this is funny.

According to a survey done by Travelodge Coldplay's music is the most likely to put you to sleep. Coldplay beat out James Blunt, Snow Patrol, Take That, and Norah Jones as the most likely to cure your (Radiohead induced) insomnia.

So if you're having a rough night, just put Sparks or The Scientist on repeat and drift off to dreamland. Playing Spies is not advised however because it can lead to increased paranoia, lack of peace of mind, feeling like you live as a fugitive, and less sleep.


Andrew said...

I can varify the validity of this survey.

Dan said...

Playing "A Message" will instantly kill you. Do not do this.

Anonymous said...

ya i have coldplay on my playlist to get to sleep and spies always creeps me out!!! lol