Friday, December 7, 2007

The Top 10 "The Hood Internet" Mashups of 2007

Internet mashups were first introduced to me a few years ago in the form of pretty solid evidence as to why Nickelback sucks(like we needed more). Now a good mashup makes for some pretty funny music and every once and a while a downright fun song to listen to. The Hood Internet has been leading the way in great mashups and I've made a list of some of my favorites. Consider this my contribution to the How's The Pie end of year frenzy of lists for the best music of 2007.

10. Shop Boyz vs. The Polyphonic Spree
ABX- Get Up And Party Like a Rock Star

Let's face it, anyone who can turn Party Like A Rockstar into a bearable song should be given Al Gore's Nobel Prize. Plus thinking about The Polyphonic Spree partying like rockstars makes me laugh a little. I'm not sure why.

9. Ludacris vs. Bonde Do Role
ABX - Bonde Do Role Out

Role Out can easily be called one of the...great...Ludacris songs...of all time...add a fun party beat in the back with some catchy "Role"s (pronounced Rolay) thrown in and you got yourself a fun song. I mean I want to have a fiesta just listening to it. Which brings me to my next point: A How's The Pie sponsored music festival...

8.UGK vs. TV On the Radio
ABX - I Was An International Player

I've never heard of UGK, but I like his flow...I know that's important to a hip-hop artist...Joe taught me that. The inclusion of various TV On the Radio loops in the background makes this a very interesting mashup.

7. Common vs. Bloc Party

dr. j - This Common Love

This song follows a general rule of mine: Silent Alarm Bloc Party + hip hop artist with hat collection = FUN MUSIC!

6. Ghostface Killah vs. Spoon
ABX - The Ghostface of You Lingers

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Ghostface, but Spoon saves this one. Not much to say about this one...I just like the way it came together...It has a good sound...yea, that works.

5. Mims vs. Blue Oyster Cult

I don't think Blue Oyster Cult ever thought their hit song would be combined with a rapper explaining how he's hot cause he's fly. Well sorry Blue Oyster Cult, but it works. Again the brilliant concept of this song makes Mims tolerable. It also makes a Blue Oyster Cult song, that doesn't involve a cowbell, relevant.

4. Three 6 Mafia vs. The Hold Steady

This is so catchy that it made me want to crawl in the corner and cry. I didn't though...I just listened to it 16 times before my roommate unplugged my computer. Listening to Three 6 Mafia name check themselves and their awards should be enough to get you to listen to this. Oh...and keep an ear out for the line "Inside peanut butter, outside jellay..." cause it makes me chuckle every time.

3. R. Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene

This could be the catchiest thing I've ever heard. If you scrobbled all the times I've played this in my would explode. Broken Social Scene and R. Kelly must have written their respective songs with the intention of this happening...cause this could not have happened by coincidence...i just don't believe it.

2. Pimp C. vs. The New Pornographers

I always loved the drums at the end of These Are The Fabels and it made me so happy to see that the beat during the verse of this mashup is exactly that. This song kicks ass and totally rocks the house...what? You don't believe me...listen to it...just listen to it...

1. The Dismembermant Plan vs. Amerie
Ok...I have no idea who the hell Amerie is or where she came from...but I like whoever produced her beats...but I don't care enough to look it up. This is absolutely fantastic...everything about this mashup...the best part is that they used the Dismembermant Plan vocals with Amerie's beats which is usually not the case with Hood Internet mashups. It's a good change of pace and it definitely works!

Well there it is...probably the most useless list out of all the How's The Pie end of year lists...well I had fun making it.
If you didn't realize it already, all the links are links to . Thanks for reading!


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