Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Singles: Professor Murder, Cadence Weapon

Just two new singles that caught my attention. The first is "In Search of the Youth Crew," the lead single off of Cadence Weapon's forthcoming sophomore album Afterparty Babies. I was a little late to hop on the Cadence Weapon bandwagon, partially because it just seemed weird to me that he was a Pitchfork writer before. However, this new song's European-sounding house beat and Weapon's rapidfire flow make for an fascinating listen. I also thought Pitchfork's point was interesting that he sort of forecasted some of the house-influenced hip-hop that has emerged since his 2006 Rick Ross v. Simian Mobile Disco mash-up ("Hustler" against "Hustlin'"), such as Kanye's mega-popular "Stronger." Anyway, "Youth Crew" (and Cadence Weapon's entire output) is really unlike any else I hear in hip-hop today, even if I still prefer Jigga or Clipse. And oh yeah...he quotes Dylan! So it's only a "Blowin' In the Wind" reference--it's still Dylan.

We've also got the new Professor Murder single--actually, it's part of the new Professor Murder On a Desert Island EP, being released for free via They're doing one track at a time, apparently, and I do not the precise schedule for release. However, so far, we just have "Flex-It Formula," and it sounds like Professor Murder. Pounding drums, synths, cowbell, whistle, those screamy, slightly whiny, dance punk-vocals--it's all here, and it's all good. The EP road may be the one to take for Prof Murder, though, because I'm not sure they have enough ideas to carry a 40-minute record. At the same time, what do I know. Well, I now know how to flex it, thanks to everybody's favorite totally crazy New York quartet.

Professor Murder - Flex-It Formula (download it here)

And...hmm, what do we have here. Appears to be the Hood Internet mash-up of Professor Murder's "Free Stress Test" and Cadence Weapon's "Sharks." How you like them apples?!

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