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Final Piece of the Pie: Our Final Batch of Favorites

On the off-chance that my opinions are not indisputably correct (; the other HowsThePie contributors have been sharing their perspective on 2007 in the form song list. Check my list and Erik's list from previous posts (as well as Zack's list of elite 2007 mash-ups), and check out the final two others here: Pie-contributors Andrew and Matt (the former of which is a bit sarcastic, so bear with). In honor of Andrew's favorite 2006 track, Midlake's "Roscoe," I have agreed to acknowledge our annual favorite songs as "Roscoe Award Winners":

for me and Matt, "All My Friends," by LCD Soundsystem
for Zack, "Don't Make Me a Target"
for Erik, "All I Need," by Radiohead
for Andrew, "Reckoner," by Radiohead

Enjoy the Pie! REMINDER: The HowsThePie albums list DEC 17

(no mp3s for these, but many were already posted on Erik's list or my list anyway, so check it dawgs)

I never put my Ipod on shuffle. I try to listen to albums start to finish. To top separate songs from their lovingly sequenced wholes isn’t easy for me, but I’ve tried my best. Here are the songs that have broken away from their albums to live long full lives as individuals.

1. LCD Soundsystem- All My Friends

I love this song because it makes me feel real people emotion. Nostalgia is powerful, and in 2007 James Murphy’s nostalgia is king. I’ve never been a 30 something hipster living in New York City looking back on my 20’s as a hipster in New York City, but Mr. Murphy makes me feel like I have... Oh, it makes me wanna dance.

2. The National- Fake Empire

The lyrics are stunning, abstract and even better for it. The arrangement to this song allows each moment to unfold in an unexpected way, making Fake Empire a powerful and mysterious pop song… Oh and if you want to hear the best drumming in indie rock listen to the National.

3. A Place To Bury Strangers- The Falling Sun

Listening to this song is like being lost in a pitch black cave for days only to emerge to a dazzling burst of sun.

4. Radiohead- Reckoner

Thom Yorke singing the entire song in glorious falsetto over reverb drenched hand cymbals. Excuse me while I go yell at people on Atease who prefer the completely different inferior live version.

5. LCD Soundsystem- Someone Great

This is the funeral for All My Friends… a funeral where I’m dancing to kraut rock influenced synths.

6. The Twilight Sad- That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy

The epic drum intro, the shimmering guitar… the Scottish brogue; noise rock meet The Twilight Sad. That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy is romantic and evocative; everything about this song hits you in the gut, the layers of guitar, the pounding drums, the Scottish brogue.

7. Menomena- Wet and Rusting

This is brilliant pop cut and up and put back together. This song doesn’t let you get comfortable, it is relentlessly ambitious and surprising. If All My Friends perfects one idea, Wet and Rusting perfects about ten.

8. Deerhunter- Fluorescent Grey

Deerhunter had split personality on Cryptograms, but on the title track to their follow up Ep, they find themselves. Here’s driving indie rock, here’s a mountain of guitar courtesy of K. Shields, and here’s layers of ambient vocals, it all works seamlessly here.

9. Feist- My Moon Man

No one can stop me from singing along with this on the way to English class.

10. Burial- Archangel

The most haunting synthesizer since… Oh fuck. Burial some how gets away with pairing crazy dark soundscapes with vocals mined from sugar mountain. I don’t know how it works, I don’t care.

11. Radiohead- Arpeggi

Some of the coolest images put to a tape this year. This song shows how minimal and precise Radiohead can be without loosing any of their ability to haunt the psyche.

12. Panda Bear- Comfy in Nautica

Paging Mr. Wilson.

13. Feist- 1234

No one can stop me from singing along with this on the way to English class.

14. Kanye West- Stronger

The one thing that plays 12 times an hour at the gym that doesn’t make me want to scale the walls and tear down the PA. That’s good enough for Stronger to make number 14.

15. Radiohead- Down is the New Up

I’ve tried for a few minutes to make a pun on the title. Just listen to the song, its wicked.

1. Radiohead- Reckoner

So, “dare not speak his name”… are they referring to Voldemort or what?

2. Frog Eyes- Bushels

Sometimes I have to listen to this song several times before I reach the end because I can’t keep up with its greatness.

3. Sally Shapiro- He Keeps Me Alive
Makes me orgasm

4. Black Kids- I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance

This band is going to be uber-big soon.

5. Lupe Fiasco- Dumb It Down

Sick flow, sick beat, sick wordplay, sick humor. What’s not to like?

6. Bloc Party- Hunting For Witches

A diamond in the rough.

7. Wilco- Impossible Germany

I would say unlikely Japan. Best solo ever.

8. Arcade Fire- No Cars Go

Sure, it’s a retread. But it retreads all over your face.

9. Spoon- Finer Feelings

I hate Spoon.

10. Rhthm and Soul


11. Kevin Drew- Fucked Up Kid

Gorgeous song from a gorgeous album by a gorgeous man

12. Feist- 1234

Only behind Kevin Drew cause she allegedly dumped his ass.

13. The Fiery Furnaces- My Egyptian Grammer

One can’t help but think if the whole album had stuck with the Egyptian theme, it would be top 10.

14. Band of Horses- No One’s Gonna Love You

Easily the most misleading title of the year.

15. Sunset Rubdown- The Mending of the Gown

No words needed.

16. Menomena- Evil Bee

Only because the Evil Bee threatened me if I put “Wet and Rusting” on instead.

17. Dinosaur Jr.- Crumble

Hey, who’s that twenty-five year-old singing? Whaaa?

18. Modest Mouse- Dashboard

A whirlpool of a track amidst a most nautical album.

19. LCD Soundsystem- Get Innocuous

Eat your heart out, Brian Eno and David Byrne.

20. Interpol- The Heinrich Maneuver

Even though Paul really does his best to alienate the east coast.

21. The Hives- Well Allright

Pharrell produced this track. And it’s good. No, for real.

22. Klaxxons- Golden Skans

Right now, Alex Turner’s writhing in his grave. Er, mansion.

23. Fancey- Witches Night

In an exclusive interview I had with Todd, he told me that he was the coolest person in the world and that this song should be getting infinite radio play. I agree.

24. Lupe Fiasco- Superstar

Watch your back, Mr. West.

25. Radiohead- Jigsaw Falling Into Place

It’s like if “Street Spirit” had gone on another four minutes.

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