Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Music: Lupe Fiasco

A couple of days ago I mentioned Lupe's somewhat bizarre interview with Pitchfork, in which he talks about his massively anticipated sophomore album entitled The Cool. The question on everyone's mind is "When is this shit gonna LEAK!?!" Presumably to keep us from rioting, Lupe Fiasco has given us another glimpse of his coolness with, well, "The Coolest." Much darker than his two other pre-release tracks, it also isn't as catchy as "Superstar" or as jawdropping as "Dumb It Down." At the same time, "The Coolest" suggests The Cool may showcase a thrilling shadowy dimension to complement his normal Kanye-like pop stylings. As Lupe told Pitchfork, "I'm in a dark, melancholy mood. I'm not a happy camper right now." Dammit, I want The Cool and I want it now!

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