Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The following statement was released this evening on wolfparade.nonstuff.com:

"After many months of speculation and anticipation about the new Wolf Parade record, we’ve finally been given some news from a very reliable source. The source states the following: The record is done and will be officially released in June. It will have 9 songs, some short and some long. Everyone in the band is really happy with it and they will start touring in July. A press release from Subpop is due out very soon with the full track list and title."

OMG! I'm so excited that all the rumors that I had been hearing are real! I can't wait until June, but hey, at least it's not that far off, and at least it's finally confirmed. This will tide you over, in the meantime:

Wolf Parade - Language City (Live)
Wolf Parade - Billy J (Live)


Andrew said...

There's also going to be three Sunset Rubdown and seven Swan Lake albums released prior to June though, so who knows when it's going to be pushed back until.

Zack said...

Great. More refrences I don't understand for Loaded Questions.

Ethan Stevenson said...

handsome furs?

June 16th said...

i heard that they are 9 boechner songs so i dont see why anyone would possibly care about this

Andrew said...

Maybe because Boeckner's the fucking man