Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Cool Kids at Lehigh: March 29th

Saturday night was the night of the many concerts...well two concerts anyway. While Erik was down in Philly seeing Mr. Malkmus, I stayed up at Lehigh to see The Cool Kids. Before I get to The Cool Kids I'd like to start with their opening acts.

The first group up was called Divine Rhyme. These two guys are Lehigh students that used other people's beats (because they "didn't have a DJ") and rapped about being indie and not in the business for the money or fame. I guess when you're a Lehigh student that comes from a high income family, it's hard to rap about the streets and interacting with people outside of Lehigh. Anyway, these guys weren't that bad for being two college kids, but a lot of their stuff sounded too similar. Here's some pictures I took and their myspace to check out:

Divine Rhyme

Next up was a group called Old Money. It was hard to tell what was going on with these guys 'cause they only played two songs. For the short time these guys were on stage they were hysterical. They did a skit before each song where they interacted with the crowd and talked about their haircuts. It was a lot funnier than I make it sound. I don't know much (if anything) about hip hop, but Old Money's music seemed to be more sophisticated and complicated. These guys were good and I think they're worth checking out. Here are some pictures and their myspace:

Old Money

Finally The Cool Kids got on stage around midnight. The first thing i noticed was that Chuck was wearing a Kansas sweatshirt which didn't earn points with me (go Nova!!!). Despite the support for the Nova-crushers, The Cool Kids were phenomenal. They had a lot of fun on stage and they knew how to work the crowd. They came out firing playing "I (Mikey) Rock", a crowd favorite, pretty early in the show. An interesting twist was the 'Best Dressed' competition they hosted by selecting the best dressed kids from the crowd, but this quickly turned into a dance competition which was much funnier. After giving the winner a new pair of Nikes, they went into the first part of NWA's "F*** the Police" which transitioned into "Gold and a Pager". The rest of the night was a mix of a few Cool Kids songs I was familiar with along with many more I'd never heard before. Throughout the show they invited kids to dance on stage and they even stopped the show at one point when Chuck dropped his mic through a crack in the stage while showing us some vintage 80s dance moves. It was a great show that was worth my...oh was free.
You know the and myspace:

The Cool Kids