Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Have A Bone To Pick

Although this is old news I would like to bring this to your attention. Last year Jens Lekman covered "Homeless" and "You Can Call Me Al" from Paul Simon's album Graceland which is one of my favorite albums ever...but on to my point. I would have no problem with my buddy Jens covering these songs if he were going to be gracious about it. Instead, Jens choose to take the low road by insulting Paul Simon and Chevy Chase.
"As a kid, I always hated the chorus of this song. And I always hated Chevy Chase's stupid, grinning face in the video..."
First of all, "You Can Call Me Al" is a great song in it's entirety. Not just the verse...the entire thing. Why else has it been played at every high school football game for the last twenty years. Jens has a lot of balls for trying to cover this song without a brass section or extensive backup band, but he has other issues if he hates the chorus of this song.
Secondly, Chevy Chase is a legendary American actor staring in such memorable films as The Three Amigos and Snow Day. I will admit that he is many years past his prime, but he was at his peak in 1987 which added to the greatness of the music video. Chevy's "stupid grinning face" is why we love him and frankly I think it's all he has left.
Shame on you Jen's Lekman. Others may be able to put up with your mediocre music and Paul Simon insults but I cannot.
Jens Lekman Rating: 2 stupid grinning Chevy Chase's/10


Anonymous said...

an attack on jens lekman
and a defense of chevy chase

perhaps the most unnecessary pie post ever

Erik said...

hey, chevy chase was funny in 1983, jens had no right to insult him!

ChevyFan27 said...

It's a matter of opinion. I've seen some unnecessary posts.

Chevy Chase said...

well, I can understand Jens' complaints, for my SNL replacement Bill Murray was far, far funnier than I was, and my movies, particularly the one about Christmas, were stupid as fuck.

powerbill29 said...


dc said...

to be fair, he did say he didn't like the chorus as a kid, perhaps it has grown on him.

although that is a cheap attack on mr. Chase. He's a haverford alum, dammit.