Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Music: Peter Moren, Clinic, Hot Chip

Yeah, so I have not posted anything in like a week, but have no fear...I've returned. I was on spring break, so there. Anyway, I am bringing you some new music now to make up for my inexcusable absence.

Peter Moren - Social Competence

Peter Moren's main act had that midly popular song back in 2006, and while the lead single from Moren's solo record ain't no "Young Folks," the finger-picking guitar and vocal hook are catchy enough to hold your attention for a few listens.

(From The Last Tycoon LP, due out April 8)

Clinic - The Witch

I haven't actually heard Clinic's forthcoming Do It! LP as of yet, but if "The Witch" is any indication of the record's sound, we can almost certainly expect another Internal Wrangler rehash. Is that a good thing? Kind of, I suppose, if the songs themselves are strong enough, though the band has been trying to recreate Internal Wrangler for some time now with only moderate success. In any event, this particular track kicks ass.

(From the Do It! LP, due April 8)

Hot Chip - My Brother Is Watching Me

This one's from the Ready For the Floor EP, though it probably could have displaced one of the weaker end-of-album tracks from Made in the Dark. "My Brother Is Watching Me" is a bare, dark ballad, but one with a gentle electronic pulse than Dark's slow numbers sorely lacked.

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And oh yeah, this isn't related to the above songs, but the first acts announced for the Pitchfork Music Festival lineup (Animal Collective, Public Enemy, Vampire Weekend) are pretty ballin'.

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