Friday, January 4, 2008

The Ten Most Anticipated Albums (for now) of 2008

Just a few forthcoming records HowsThePie is stoked about. Most of these may not be worth two shits come the year-end lists (sorry to be mentioning 2008 end-of-year lists already, but best-of lists are like presidential elections), and I have excluded a couple not-yet-released albums that I may have already heard (cough, Beach House, cough). Certainly, though, a couple of these may very well rank among the year's elite:

1. Artist: My Bloody Valentine

Album: N/A

Just-for-Fun Fake Title: Loveless II: Flava of Loveless

When this one drops, the iPod headphones may literally not leave my ears for like week straight (outside of class, of course). You can count on one hand the albums released the during the post-Loveless age of equal or greater anticipation. I'd put In Utero there, probably both OK Computer and Kid A, but few others.

2. Artist: Wolf Parade

Album: N/A

Just-for-Fun Fake Title: Forgiveness By the Queen Mary

Now that both Sunset Rubdown and Handsome Furs have been exposed through their Pitchfork snubbings, we finally realize who the real mastermind behind Wolf Parade is. Step forward, Dante.

3. Artist: Raekwon

Album: Only For Built 4 Cuban Linx II

He apparently told that the record is "damn near 200 percent done," but, you know, I've been waiting a couple years and still don't have it. One way or another, I become quite giddy considering the sequel to one of the greatest rap albums of all time.

4. Artist: Of Montreal
Album: Skeletal Lamping

Kevin Barnes has already said that this album is going to be very different from Hissing Fauna. Then again, Hissing Fauna is quite different from most things already.

5. Artist: Destroyer

Album: Trouble in Dreams

I’m calling it: This is the one where Bejar finally brings out the falsetto.

6. Artist: Be Your Own Pet

Album: Get Awkward

Thurston Moore's (and my) favorite teenage punk band return in March with the follow-up to their gloriously fun, raucous self-titled debut.

7. Artist: Stephen Malkmus

Album: Real Emotional Trash

It feels weird putting this into writing, but this is may be the follow-up to the best album Malkmus has done since Wowee Zowee.

8. Artist: Silver Jews

Album: Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Fortunately, David Berman has gotten his life together, and seems to be happier now than ever before. He also seems to be as satisfied and excited about the Jews' new record as he has ever been about one of his albums. If he tops American Water...boy oh boy. Read it about here.

9. Artist: Tapes 'N Tapes
Album: N/A

Indie rock darlings return later this year with the follow-up to their catchy '06 debut The Loon. We're all holding our breath for "Omaha (Pt. II)."

10. Artist: Coldplay
Album: N/A

Just-for-Fun Fake Album Title: Another Green Eye
Chris Martin's sense of Britpop drama with Brian Eno's artistic vision? This could be a trainwreck or a materpiece, though it will likely be neither. I expect the band's best record yet, and one that could catapult them out of the hipster doghouse.


Death Cab will be return in a few months with a "really weird" record, according to Chris Walla. I'm still waiting for a new fuckin' Postal Service record, however, so I'm kinda losing patience with Ben Gibbard.

Due to its awkward release date (December 18), the excellent Lupe Fiasco's The Cool sort of slid under the critical radar, but nonetheless, it isn't unlikely that we may see the 2008 release of Lupe's "final" release LUPEnd. If we don't, odds are we'll see the CRS record instead.

There were some buzz last year about both a new Built to Spill album and the Modest Mouse/BtS covers disc. Either would be nice, but with BtS's eternal tour, who really knows?

Broken Social Scene will apparently present founding member Brendan Canning to the eager public. Though, fingers are crossed for Broken Social Scene Presents: The Whole Band in 2009.

A final few (speculative) possibilities: Franz Ferdinand, Madvillain, Cannibal Ox, The Avalanches, Nas, MF Doom & Ghostface, The Hold Steady, Islands, and Animal Collective (who already seem to have an album's worth of new material, and plan to record "early" in 2008).

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