Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Music: Times New Viking, The Helio Sequence, Panda Bear

Beloved lo-fi rockers Times New Viking are now on Matador, but not much has changed. They may even be recording their songs with a lower degree of fidelity, if that's possible. The band just posted "Drop Out" on their MySpace, the third song off of their forthcoming Rip It Off LP (out January 22). Pretty catchy, though likely too fuzzy for many fans
For the other two tracks off of Rip It Off, head here.

Sub Poppers The Helio Sequence return January 29 with Keep Your Eyes Ahead, and the title track is really quite addictive.

Not sure exactly how new this next one is, but I think it was just premiered recently. Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, aka the artist behind Pitchfork's 2007 album of the year and one of HowsThePie's top ten albums of 2007, cut this one loose during a radio session in Ma Fama, Portugal, and, you know, it's Panda Bear, so you should listen to it.

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