Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some Rants, Some Musings, Some Thoughts

Pie contributor Andrew Stone sounds off on a couple albums we overlooked during our list of most anticipated 2008 albums, the suckiness of the Academy Awards, and the (hopefully) forthcoming clash of titans (Favre v. Brady).

So this is the New Year? Yes, yes it is. And as is such, let's discuss what some of your (ok, my) favorite bands have on tap for this year, plus some shit that's just on my mind. Here's the rundown.

Franz Ferdinand- shortly after telling Rolling Stone that their third album would be "more dance than rock", it was revealed that the album would see the light of day sometime in Fall of this year. The current distribution of dance and rock remains unknown, but I'm betting somewhere along the lines of a 60/40 split.

Vampire Weekend- now that I've had a chance to hear the entirety of the full-length debut, I can safely say that this is a band worthy of your ears, if not your neck (vampire joke... eh...). Don't fully believe the hype though, for even though they're in fashion now, they may have about as much staying power as, say, a Hot Hot Heat.

Midlake- a close source* tells me says they're hard at work to the follow up of their tragically beautiful, criminally underrated sophomore album, The Trials of Van Occupanther. While we'd be foolish to expect another"Roscoe," a group of ten "Head Home"s would be more than welcome.

My Morning Jacket- as reported by, My Morning Jacket's follow-up to Z is set for a June 10th release. Hopefully, all of the unexplained questions will be answered, such as the fate of Dondante, who the wonderful man really was, and whether he was saying "let the fetus rock" in "Lay Low."

Academy Awards- what an unbelievably sucky year 2007 was for movies, and with the writer's strike only worsening, don't expect 2008 and 2009 to be much better. Of the three best movies of the year (No Country For Old Men, Sweeney Todd, and Knocked Up)**, only No Country is sure to get Oscar recognition. Don't believe the hype behind Golden Globe-winning Atonement, a romance story so thin I developed tears of weariness, not empathy. At least this summer's blockbusters look ready to live up to the hype, with the Batman sequel and a new Daniel Craig Bond flick both looking good.

Super Bowl Pick- Pats 27, Packers 17

*shocking as it may seem, no (personal) source actually exits

**these three films are not the collective favorites of the Pie staff, particularly due to the omission of Ratatouille, a personal favorite of mine and Zack's.

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