Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Review: Jack's Mannequin - The Glass Passenger

It's three years since Jack's Mannequin released their first album, Everything In Transit, and their long anticipated second album (at least I was anticipating it) is finally here! I know that this review has come a little late considering this album was released last month, but I'll have you know I was not planning on reviewing it at all. The rest of the 'How's the pie?' staff was heartbroken when they heard this, and they begged me to review here goes.

I must admit that my first impression of this album was not great. It clearly had more consistency than Everything In Transit, but it was still lacking those incredibly catchy songs like Dark Blue and The Mixed Tape. I was very reluctant to give up on this album so I gave it a few more listens at home over fall break without the distractions of a college campus, and many of the songs have really grown on me. The post production and multilayering of many songs gives this album something extra that might have been missing on their first one.

The album leads of with "Crashin" and if you're willing to get past Andrew's scratchy vocals in the beginning you'll find this song has a very catchy chorus with probably the most beautiful piano part in the entire album. "Spinning" and "What Gets You Off" are also very good songs that have a similar build up from their low key verse to an extremely catchy chorus.

The album's first single "The Resolution" is probably the most memorable song on the album. The powerful vocals and piano melody certainly make it one of the most replayable songs.

Even though The Glass Passenger has its share of upbeat songs, tunes like "Swim", "Hammers and Strings", and "Orphans" among others tend to way down the album. Although these songs are emotionally significant given what Andrew has been through and how his lyrics reflect his experiences, they aren't quite as listenable as the previously songs previously mentioned.

What made this album so appealing for me on my third and fourth listen through were the lyrcis. It was very easy to identify with many of the songs and I have to say that piano rock is just so damn catchy.

Rating: 3.5/5


Reinhold Messner said...

Wow, it's a wonder that joe even allowed this, seeing as how anti-pretentious Jack's Mannequin is. He must be softening up. Anyway, bravo!

Anonymous said...

i think joes gone

concerned reader said...

joe would never stand for oasis and jacks mannequin on back to back posts

Kanye West said...

I frown upon the lack of vocoder in either of these albums

Melissa Andreas said...

Finally got the album this week!

Piano rock is incredibly catchy. SOCO and Jack's fan for life. They're definitely my favorites.

I agree that The Glass Passenger is the most memorable song and I particularly like Crashin' and Swim. I'll have to give it a few weeks for the slower songs, but I know they'll grow on me. Andrew McMahon has a way of making me love a song that didn't originally jump out at me with his amazing lyrics.