Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Living Up To Their Promises

2008 has been a big year. It's given us an African American president, a Phillies World Championship, and Chinese fucking Democracy. With that, 2009 has a lot to live up to as far as promises given this year or earlier go. Here's a few artists that have promised us big things are on their way- and the percentage that they actually deliver.

The Avalanches- 2nd Album
The Promise: They're sample-happy and they make us happy, and they claim that their second album is in the can. Problem #1: We've heard this claim several times for the past few years from The Avalanches and Problem #2: Where the fuck is it if it's done? If Australia has been listening to this in secrecy for the past three years and they're just holding out on us, I'm gonna be pissed. Of course, it's hard being that agitated when Since I Left You remains a religious experience every time you listen to it, some nine years later.

Chances It Actually Happens: 75%. It's looking good, but we could have said the same thing at the beginning of 2008.

Ghostface and MF Doom- Swift and Changeable
The Promise: A dope team-up between Ghostface and Doom, 'nuff said. Unfortunately, it's another project that's been rumored for two long, and Doom seems to be MIA lately, and not in a teaser trailer-approved "Paper Planes" type way. And even if this does see the light of day, will either MC have their heart in it?

Chances It Actually Happens: 30%. Who knows if this is even happening anymore?

Raekwon- Cuban Lynx II
The Promise: The long-shelved sequel to one of the most beloved Wu solo albums.

Chances It Actually Happens: 70%. If Rae doesn't let this thing out this year, a free Mountain Dew to everyone in America.

My Bloody Valentine- 2 New Albums?!
The Promise: Two new albums from My Bloody Valentine, who haven't released a single album in over a decade.

Chances It Actually Happens: 80%. For one, at least. They're in the studio, playing together, and they've seemed to respond for the notable lack of noise in rock nowadays.

Lupe Fiasco- LupE.N.D.
The promise: A triple-album send-off from hip-hop's poet laureate.

Chance It Actually Happens: 95%. Oh, it's happening. You'll be cutting Lupe's infinite mixtape down to one disc of your favorite tracks by June.

Radiohead- In Rainbows Follow-Up
The Promise: Not a promise as much as news that the band is in the recording process for their eight LP.

Chances It Actually Happens: Wait, just went to Thom's blog. It'll be out in 10 days.



Kwite Buttery said...

radiohead is not releasing anything in 10 days. . .

Erik said...

i'm sorry andrew has such a poor sense of humor

dan said...

and a poor sense of grammar, apparently.

Anonymous said...

and a penis in his anus

Ethan Stevenson said...

lupend! where's joe? will we compile a year end list?

Andrew said...

What's the point of a year-end list? We already know Black Kids is the album of the year. (If that doesn't stir debate and counter-lists I don't know what will)

Anonymous said...

butts lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the new animal collective comes out january, and i have a feeling its gonna be the best album of 09

Harry Seward said...

I hear Rolling Stone is naming the new Bob Dylan bootleg series album the best release of '08

dan said...

To whoever's in charge after the apparent Joe coup...