Friday, December 5, 2008


First up:

Top 10 U2 Songs of 2000

10. In A Little While
9. Wild Honey
8. Peace On Earth
7. Grace
6. Kite
5. New York
4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
3. Walk On
2. Beautiful Day
1. Elevation

Discuss. Agree? Disagree? Feel "Kite" should have been higher? Should "When I Look At The World" have made the cut?


June 16th said...

Matt’s Top 5 Best Dildo’s of 2008

5. G-spot
What does it look like? Basically G-spot dildos have a curved end, and some resemble knotty dildos with a wide hollow.
What is the purpose? G-spot dildos are most appealing to those women, who reach orgasm, when a G-spot is involved. This spot is located about three inches in vagina. G-spot dildo is also very pleasurable for prostate stimulation as well.

4. Double-ended dildo and Double-penetration dildo
What does it look like? Double-ended Dildo is actually two dildos, joined together at the base. Double penetration dildo has two settings, which have a good angle for anal-vaginal penetration at the same time, usually thicker one for vagina and smaller and narrower one for anus.
What is the purpose? Double-ended dildo is created for insertion y by both partners simultaneously. Usually it is associated with lesbian sex, though can be applied in many other positions (doggy style, or sitting face to face) and combinations of hetero and homosexual couples. Double penetration dildo multiplies pleasure for those who wish to feel anal-vaginal orgasms.

3. Anal dildo

What does it look like? Anal dildo has a corresponding size, streamlined tapering form and a wide base, which prevents sliping or getting it lost inside anus.
What is the purpose? This dildo is designed particularly for anal penetration, to make it smoother and easier. It is known that anus has a lot of nerve endings, which makes anal sex pleasant with a good use of appropriate dildo. Make sure to use lubrication to avoid fissures and injures.

2. Ejaculating dildos 

What does it look like? These dildos are provided with a bulb or other soft reservoir, which holds water or water-based lubricant. When you press on the bulb it ejaculates the liquid through the head of a dildo.
What is the purpose? Ejaculating dildo creates a feeling of a real thing that makes many pleasure-lovers go ecstatic.

1. Penis extenders
What does it look like? These are hollow dildos, which have space for penis.
What is the purpose? Some men, who experience difficulties with maintaining or retaining erection can make use of penis extender dildos.

Anonymous said...

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