Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The New Walkmen Album Is Absolutely Delicious

In terms of pie, that is. A band that makes Vampire Weekend look like four guys scrapped together at the last minute for a gig at the bible camp farewell bonanza, The Walkmen have delivered yet again on You & Me, a collection of songs that, unsurprisingly, deals with themes of winter, New Years, Christmas, and lead singer Hamilton Leithauser's perpetual distaste for his girlfriends.

Though not as Dylanesque as 2006's A Hundred Miles Off, Y&I nonetheless sounds like the work of an oddly comforting lovechild between a young Dylan and an old Rod Stewart. Take "On The Water," an absolutely stunning track that wouldn't sound out of place on Blood On The Tracks. Like all great Walkmen songs, it reveals itself slowly, taking several listens before you fully comprehend how masterful the songwriting and musicianship adds up to be. "You know I'd never leave you/ No matter how hard I try/ You know I'd never leave you/ And that's just how it is!" spits Leithauser before his band comes crashing in. It would absolutely be my song of the year if it wasn't immediately followed by "In The New Year", this record's stab at the unacceptable heights set by "The Rat" in 2004. God, this band's greatest hits album is gonna be so dope.

Please put Fleet Foxes down for a second and go buy this album. Now.


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