Monday, December 15, 2008

Top 25 Songs of 2008

Andrew's List

Albums are coming later in the week (from everyone on the "staff"), but here are 25 whistle-while-you-workers to tide you over while that giant cherry slice of heaven cools on the windowsill.

25. Franz Ferdinand- Ulysses

How are these guys going to put out a Greatest Hits album? Aren’t all of their albums essentially Greatest Hits anyway? The first track off Tonight: Franz Ferdinand sounds a lot like Franz Ferdinand.

24. Be Your Own Pet- Becky

No wonder the album’s called Get Awkward. I’ve gotta say, no matter how awkward my social experiences got in high school, I never threatened to wait for a girl with knives after lunch. Actually I have.

23. Evangelicals- Skeleton Man

Actual Evangelicals = not as good, possibly more entertaining

For evidence, check this out.

22. The Hold Steady- Stay Positive

The only song of the year where you can actually see a thousand mugs of beer being fist- pumped into the air during the chorus.

21. Bon Iver- Skinny Love

Okay, I’ll be honest. Never heard this one before it was on Chuck. But from that moment on, I was down with it. P.S., you should watch Chuck to make up for you not watching Pushing Daisies.

20. Wolf Parade- Fine Young Cannibals

Chef Boekner serves us up an absolute feast of indie-rock guitar. The rest of the album won’t leave you hungry either.

19. Vampire Weekend- Oxford Comma

Seriously, man, who gives a fuck about those? As an English minor, I would basically be this guy if I owned, like, 30 more polo t-shirts.

18. Neon Neon- Steel Your Girl

“I Lust U” was the obvious track pick off Gruff Rhys’s killer electro-pop album, but this one stole my heart… along with your girl. Owned.

17. Kanye West- Paranoid

The only track off 808’s and Heartbreaks that doesn’t suck is also a complete club banger. Blonde dikes of the world, rejoice.

16. M83- Kim and Jessie

Further proof that we need a Tears for Fears reunion. Now. The world is finally ready.

15. Beach House- Gila

Whenever the melody plays, a beach house somewhere gets its wings. Or patio. Whatever grand reward that beach houses are entitled to.

14. Animal Collective- Water Curses

They’re jamming? They’re jamming. And I hope you like Strawberry Jam too.

13. Cut Copy- Feel The Love

It’s hard to describe the way in which my emotional compass swings every time “Feel The Love” kicks in to start the album. The only similar experience I had this year was when I masturbated in an elevator.

12. Los Campesinos!- Death to Los Campesinos!

This is power-pop at its finest. It’s so punk that it doesn’t even want to admit it’s punk. And that makes it sort of… adorable?

11. Surf City- Dickshakers Union

Probably a closer combination of My Bloody Valentine and Animal Collective than the Electioneers were, “Dickshakers Union” is an example of an exciting young band writing better songs than even they probably realize.

10. Big Boi feat. Andre 3000 and Raekwon- Royal Flush

Mad. Fucking. Ill.

9. Lil’ Wayne- Dr. Carter

This track, which involves Weezy saving the lives of three struggling MCs, single-handedly encompasses what makes Lil’ Wayne both revolutionary and excruciating. His penchant for rhyming the same word and still making it cool (“Arthritis in my hand from writing, but I’m a doctor they don’t understand my writing”), hilarious wordplay (“Let me put some mo’ vocab in your I.V.”) and lines that don’t make any sense whatsoever (“Fly go hard like geese erection”). Hip-hop, he saved your life.

8. The Walkmen- On The Water

Hamilton Leithauser sounds pretty calm on the duration of You and Me, but he’s fucking pissed here. It’s like Daniel Craig from Quantum of Solace suddenly took up an interest in Bob Dylan, grabbed a microphone, and started regretting taking the Bond role after realizing Bond movies all kind of suck.

7. Of Montreal- An Eluardian Instance

The centerpiece of Kevin Barnes’ twisted masterwork deviates from his Georgie Fruit persona long enough for him to tell the story of how he met his wife. Filled with blaring trumpets, a touching mid-section repeating the line “do you remember?”, and his usual sense of humor (“I asked your friend if you were available, she answered ‘yes but no, well, uh, well yes and no”), it’s absolutely fucking beautiful.

6. Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks (Live on Letterman)

Premiered on David Letterman, this incredible live track is a remarkable vocal feat, as well as a vast improvement over the songs on the solid but overrated Yellow House.

5. My Morning Jacket- Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 1

One of the most gorgeous pieces of music I’ve heard all year, it was also used as a title for a “One Tree Hill” episode. So that sort of evens things out.

4. Animal Collective- Brothersport

I don’t know how you open up one’s throat, exactly, but as long as this song keeps playing, I’m going to keep trying.

3. Cut Copy- Far Away

One thing that I just can’t conceive is how this thing hasn’t lit every club in America on fire. Literally, they should have burst into flames. After writing this song, they should have put a ‘Paste’ on the end of the band name. Cause they just pasted you.

2. Deerhunter- Nothing Ever Happened

Three, short ambient pieces lead up to “Nothing Ever Happened.” I’d call that excessive if the payoff wasn’t so big. “Nothing Ever Happened” is a jam for the ages.

1. Animal Collective- My Girls

If I had to choose between sex and “My Girls” for the rest of my life, I’d choose “My Girls.”

UPDATE: OK, so I forgot to include T.I.'s "Whatever You Like", which is basically the catchiest thing ever written. Just pretend its lumped somewhere between two of the 12 Animal Collective songs on the list.

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