Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Radiohead?? Psh, whatever.

With the announcing of their new album, Radiohead is on most of our minds right now. But we (Erik and Zack) would like to take this opportunity to remind Radiohead of its place in the hierarchy of musical artists. And the only way this can be done is by making the list of the top ten greatest Electioneers songs ever written and performed.


Honorable Mention: Spoonfed
Matt Gasda perfectly captures the uncertainty and disbelief that are synonymous with one's teen years through his epic lyrics.
10. Skywriter
An Electioneers classic.

The first song which showed that Mike's vocal ability was almost as good as Matt's.

8. I Thought Red Light Meant Go
This song always reminds me to...pay attention to traffic control devices.

The captivating story of Tom and his younger brother dreaming about the sky and the sea.
6. Go Slowly
This is the only Electioneers song where Matt's organ actually compliments the music. Just kidding...

Great vocals and excellent piano make this Matt Gasda's finest effort.

4. So Much for the Sun
This song is the reason that The Electioneers desired Ethan Stevenson as a band member. For his...saxophone.

An unreleased gem.
2. Saved
I've always been a fan of Matt's piano in the verses. Also, great drum work.

I really Mike's guitar work and the drumming...and basically everything about this song. (It's actually not that great, but it's still the Electioneers' best song.)


Honorable Mention: Lights Lay Down
A good low-key song that handicapped each band member and allowed Mike to show off his fiendish guitar skillz.
10. Skywriter
A fusion of everything that was right about the Electioneers.

9. Driving at Night
A rhythmic song that warned us about the possibility of making a wrong turn and dying.

8. Untitled
Good guitar work. Enough said.

7. Be
Terrific song. Mike's vocals really compliment the melody well. I also liked the layered drumming. Especially since the beginning of the song starts with one drummer and picks up halfway through with another drummer. Evidence of a transitional period in Electioneeers history.

Matt's piano is very good in this song. He also works the vocals in nicely. Good drum fills, which I can appreciate. The jam towards the end is a good way to end the song.

5. Saved
I have to admit that my ranking of this song is very biased. I like the drumming...ha. And this reminds of the good ole days when getting kicked out of bars for being underage was a norm. The live performance of this song is brilliant because of 2 things...Ethan Stevenson...and a tambourine. This song would have been higher on the list if the top 4 weren't stacked with instant classics.

4. So Much for the Sun
Mike really makes this song with the guitar solo. I like the rhythm piano throughout as well. Both of these are complimented by a fantastic saxophone performance by Ethan during live shows. Really the only thing preventing this song from being higher on the list is the mediocre drumming.

3. Go Slowly
A good rock song. The piano and guitar work very well together in this song. I really like rhythm section and the buildup in the verse. Well placed claps as well. Very impressed with Mike's vocals.

A little darker as far as Electioneers songs go. The layered guitar helps this song out a lot. Matt's piano during the chorus is very cool too. I never really appreciated it until recently. Great song overall.

This has always been my favorite Electioneers song. It is a brilliant rock song and was always the most fun for me to play. I think it's just a very energetic song and is enjoyable to listen to.


David said...

Very nice blog. You guys actually sound like you know what you are talking about :p

Andrew Stone said...

This was just sort of insulting to a band that put a lot of hard work into their music, especially Erik's section. Matt's a fine musician and I've yet to see anyone from Bethlehem write as many solid songs as he has over the years, so this comes off as a bit mean-spirited. I mean, Electioneers jokes are soo spring of earlier this year.

Andrew Stone said...

And since when is The Coin referred to as Coins? WTF?!

Anonymous said...

dude dude dude dude it's coins chill man