Monday, October 1, 2007

Don't Talk to Me Until After October 10-In Rainbows is here

Words cannot describe how awesome Radiohead's announcement was. No label, no waiting period, and-the best part-no price! I personally paid a reasonable eight dollars to support the greatest band in the history of mankind. The whole situation is really quite surreal and fascinating for multiple reasons. Pitchfork summarizes it quite nicely: "What Radiohead's doing here is actually pretty cool. Rather than preface their new album's release with the usual three months of press ballyhoo, only to have it leak at some random time before it comes out, they've kept it completely under wraps, then essentially gone and leaked it themselves. What's more, they've turned this into a moral question of sorts, by giving us the freedom to pay actual money for what amounts to an album leak."
______On top of this, we will get another disc of brand new material when the deluxe edition becomes available in December. So essentially we'll have two albums worth of Radiohead material (most of which was superb on live bootlegs) and presumably we'll get tour dates at soem point. Score one for the good guys.

Live R-Head:


Erik said...

I'm buying the boxset. Once I find $81 dollars.

Andrew Stone said...

Wouldn't the ideal time to talk to you be prior to October 10? Since you'll probably be listening to the record after October 10?