Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beatles' sample wasn't anything to fuck with

OK, so the original report that Wu-Tang used the first legal Beatles sample on their new single "Heart Gently Weeps" was erroneous. However, the RZA didn't need it to create a kick ass beat, as "Heart Gently Weeps" trumps the other new Wu track "Watch Your Mouth" by a couple miles. While his Cuban Linx-enthusiasm seems to have permanently passed away, Raekwon shows dishes a better verse here than on "Watch", while Method Man meanwhile shows up for a brief, effective appearance. Still, Ghostface (mostly rap, partly sing) drives the track alongside that infectiously catchy xylophone (maybe piano? vibraphone?) line that lends the track the emotion and flavor that "Watch Your Mouth" sorely lacked. Unfortunately, the release date for 8 Diagrams has been pushed to December, but it's not like anyone needs anything to listen after October 10.

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