Saturday, September 22, 2007

The World is Such a Wonderful Place

In the coming weeks, the big music industry guns are dropping hot new records--Vanessa Carlton, Dashboard Confessional, among others. Oh yeah, and there is this northwestern indie band named Band of Horses that has a new album, Cease to Begin, coming out on October 9. Lead single "Is There a Ghost" has essentially been engrained into the brain of every indie rock fan, but the rest if the album is good too.
______One or two of the tracks are a bit too country for my tastes, but most of Cease to Begin shoots for the stars and reaches them. "No One's Gonna Love You", "The General Specific", "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands"--the songs are epic, but never losing structure, intensity, or melody. Band of Horses certainly maintain Everything All the Time's style, but almost everything (all the time, I'm sorry) attempts to recreate the magic of "The Funeral". And, well, the hit-to-miss ratio is pretty good.
______The record will not likely contend for my Indie Record of 2007, considering the presence of Krug and two stupendous Panda Bear-affiliated records. However, I didn't worship the first BoH album like other indie fans did (I personally preferred Figurines' Skeleton) so who knows how well Cease will be received. The world is a wonderful motherfuckin' place:

Band of Horses - Ode to the LRC


Liz said...

i've decided...
you boys are my heroes.. haha

Erik said...

Band of Horses suck. I prefer Vanessa Carlton.