Monday, September 17, 2007

Such a Bad Idea

The new CBS reality show, entitled "Kid Nation", isolates 40 children from adult society for 40 days, thus forcing them to feed and clothe themselves and interact peacefully with one another. Essentially, the concept is Lord of the Flies with cameras and slimy executive producers. I hate reality TV and the idea of people humiliating themselves for fame or money, not to mention the television networks who take full advantage of these participants. Nonetheless, I really have no moral objections to adults trying "survive" on an island in Australia or whatever, and I do watch Flava of Love. However, I really think Kid Nation crosses a line in embarrassing children in front of the world just to rack up some high ratings. Not to mention the parents who are putting their kid into that position.

Mp3s of my distress

Fugazi - Latest Disgrace

Besnard Lakes - Disaster

The Streets - Has It Come To This?

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