Friday, September 14, 2007

Ra Ra Riot at Lehigh (Aug 30)

The six members of Ra Ra Riot are relatively new to the music scene, but have wasted no time in writing some catchy tunes for their self titled debut EP. The band has bounced back from the recent tragedy in the untimely death of their drummer, John Pike, in early June. They finished their summer tour which included a performance in our very own Laberton Hall at Lehigh University. Not really knowing what to expect, we (Erik, Mike, and myself) were greeted by a terrible opening band, who I won’t give the gratification of talking about. We patiently waited for Ra Ra Riot and we were greatly surprised by what we experienced. The band made a fantastic use of string instruments to add to their full sound. One member sported a violin while yet another wielded a Cello. Yes! Wielded a Cello! Many of their songs showed off the raw talent of their rhythm section. I have always been especially critical of drummers, but I was especially impressed with this one (even more so after learning he has only been a member of Ra Ra Riot since June). Songs like “A Manner to Act” and “Each Year” were a pick up with their feel-good sound. “Dying Is Fine” was clearly the crowd favorite as the more adventurous members of the audience strayed from the head bobbing to the full body dancing, and “Everest” flirted on the fringes of a mosh pit.
I think all 30 Lehigh students who were in Lamberton Hall that night left Ra Ra Riot fans.
Ra Ra Riot were a blast to listen to and I can’t wait for more.

Ra Ra Riot - Dying Is Fine
Ra Ra Riot - A Manner To Act

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