Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's Time For My Opinions

Hi everyone, welcome to the mind of yours truly, Erik. I am in a bad mood due to a Giants victory in the Super Bowl, and the fact that fellow writer Joe takes the opinion of his to be the opinion of all. One post about the Giants is enough. And if he is going to post a disclaimer on Zack's posts, I see no reason why he shouldn't post one on his.

This is basically my way of telling everyone that I do not agree with what Joey says, and that I hate the Giants, and always will. And I apologize to Joey for this anger, but I can't help that I am actually loyal to a team, and that I don't just hate random groups of people for no real reason.

In other news, can any of you guys believe how quickly Vampire Weekend tickets sold out? Shows at the First Unitarian Church in Philly never, ever sell out. And these sold out right away! I'm very disappointed I won't be able to see them, but at the same time, it's really awesome to witness these guys explode onto another level like this.

PS. I don't hate you Joe, I just can't tolerate your hoarding of the blog like this.

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