Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Return of My Bloody Valentine?!?...this is getting ridiculous

I mean, really. I may just stop listening to new music, because 2007 is just absurd. Hmm, where should I begin? The re-establishment of Radiohead as The World's Best Band, the re-emergence of Jay-Z as the king of rap, the re-uniting of the Wu, and the billion great albums that have come out this year. Just to name a few big players (roughly chronologically): The Shins, Deerhoof, The Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Spoon, Panda Bear, Animal Collective, M.I.A., Liars, Kanye West, Band of Horses. Plus the shitload of breakthrough acts, like, I don't know, Besnard Lakes, The Field, A Place to Bury Strangers, and so on.

And now...aww jeez. The Loveless follow-up seemed like a myth; the idea of a band progressing beyond Loveless in any way seems infathomable. The indie world witnessed In Utero and Bossanova and Kid A and Sandinista! but somehow My Bloody Valentine seemed like they were not supposed to make another record, like the epic glory of "Soon" acted as the perfect exclamation point on their career. It was Jordan (temprarily) retiring after his last three chamionships, or Eliot Ness calling it quits after taking down Capone. Like the Presidency of the United States, Kevin Shields' Loveless guitarwork is the last job he could ever have.

Of course, he popped up here and there, but not with the band, and it seemed like his soul just wasn't in the music (the music was, if you will, loveless). Now, we get one--oops, my bad...TWO FREAKIN MY BLOODY VALENTINE RECORDS! (cue me fainting and my brain frying and my mouth widening to a Joker-like grin). Reportedly, one of the records features material originally recorded as the Loveless follow-up in 93-94. The other one supposedly showcases a mixture of new material and songs written by Shields and Belinda Butcher during the immediate post-MBV era. After you finish orgasming over this, check out Pitchfork for full details.

My Bloody Valentine - Soon

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