Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mike Relm in Bethlehem : November 1, 2007

Recently I went with my Dad to see The Blue Man Group for his birthday. The Blue Men put on a great show, but that isn’t what this is about. The opening act was what I wanted to talk about. I was a little surprised to see one guy walk out onto the stage for the opening act. He turned out to be a DJ named Mike Relm, and I was a little concerned. I had heard horror stories about opening DJ’s who…well…sucked. Mike Relm actually brought a new element of originality that kept his songs interesting and refreshing. He mixed hip-hop beats into songs like The Sound of Silence and various songs from the cartoon Peanuts. Relm also incorporated a visual element into his performance. Various clips from well known movies played behind him during his performance and he was able to manipulate the videos, just like the music, using controls on his mixing board. His performance was truly something I had never seen before as he made an entire song out of a clip from Office Space where a certain character talks about his “Oh face”. He followed this with Jack Black telling his “students” about “getting the lead out” and an ensuing live Led Zeppelin video that Relm manipulated to fit a hip-hop beat. He’s a one of a kind performer.


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