Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just Some Thoughts

So as you may know, television writers are on strike and so The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have been sidelined for the time being. Of course, there is an upside to all this: Fox has to deal witht the fact that they currently have nine episodes of 24 written. They should film a tenth episode where Jack just fails, the apocalypse ensues, and the season ends. Of course, they'll find a way to throw in a dozen more filler episodes before Jack saves the day or takes down the president or whatever. And oh yeah, apparently Tony Almeida isn't dead. Don't know how they're gonna pull that off, but check this video. The guy doing Jack is so-so, but the Tony guy is hilariously right on.

Speaking of hilarious, the much-hyped Ghostface doll looks ridiculous. I mean, it looks enough like Ghostface, but I just can't look at it without laughing. If the doll's appearance isn't enough, he apparently also has a blog and six catchphrases recorded by Ironman himself (no word yet if one of them is "I'm on the floor like holy shit!" but I have my fingers crossed). Also funny: as Pitchfork joked, the miniature Raekwon doll is busy finishing miniature Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II.

The Onion also just dropped two particular funny articles, one stating that Goosebumps author RL Stine has revealed that Slappy (from Night of the Living Dummy) is, in fact, a homosexual. Even funnier: the season fall has been canceled after three billion seasons. As The Onion describes, "The classic season, which had been slotted between summer and winter, will be replaced by stifling humidity, constant sunshine, and little precipitation." Check em out at

Still waiting for Pitchfork to review the fuckin Jay-Z album. The killing me.

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