Thursday, April 2, 2009

SB3 Update

Hey guys,

New album's still set to drop this summer.

Here's some updates:

- SB3 will now contain four discs, each carrying anywhere from 18-22 tracks. One disc will be a grocery list with a rap for every item on the list. Tentative track list: 1.) Cheese 2.) Milk 3.) Double-stuffed Oreos, so on so forth.

- The title has been changed from SB3 to Lord Neanderthal and the Seven Red Hens of Milford Haven.

- DH has exhausted his collection of 70's soul samples, and the group has made a collective decision to return to the MIDI-file format supported by the fabled lost EP Scyther Dies.

-CK will not be rapping on two of the three discs, but will instead sing (with vocoder of course)  throughout the entirety of the discs, including over DH's verses. Words will be made up as he goes along.

-There's a song about condoms and when to use them.

Things are coming along nicely for our best album yet. Until then, feel free to purchase a copy of last year's breathtaking A Renaissance, of Swords for $26.99.

Thanks for your continued support.

-Courtney K

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June 16th said...

My only question:

Does Blackswan come back?