Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The New Beck Single is Hot (Wax Residue)

Okay, so Beck's forthcoming eighth major-label LP still doesn't have a definitive title or release date (though all signs point to it being called Modern Guilt and a June release), but he's released the first of the ten new tracks, entitled "Chemtrails", on his website. He's describing the album as "sixties-style rock", and the single is certainly a departure from the oddities of Guero and electro-rap psychojargon of The Information. Though its spacious structure initially brings Sea Change to mind, the paw prints of producer Danger Mouse are all over this one, bringing his usual abundance of cymbal crashes and effectively juxtaposing the chorus with Beck's lyrics of "so many people" with the dissonant image of one man alone at a polar icecap.... or something to that effect. Seems that Mr. Hansen and Mr. Mouse could well become a formidable team.

In other mid-90's rock news, temperatures are indeed rising at the rotten Oasis. The Brit-rockers have announced a new album in a catalogue that's qualitiy eerily resembles that of the six Star Wars films. Observe:

Definately Maybe/ A New Hope= new and exciting, critically acclaimed.
What's the Story/ The Empire Strikes Back= arguably better than its predecessor.
Be Here Now/ Return of the Jedi= initially worshipped, looked back on in reterospect somewhat unfavorably.
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants/ Phantom Menace: high expectations, dreadful results.
Heathen Chemistry/ Attack of the Clones: unfathomably awful.
Don't Believe the Truth/ Revenge of the Sith: alleged returns to form. In actuality, quite bad.

Someone should tell Noel there's a reason that George Lucas didn't make Episode 7.

Go to Beck.com for all your "Chemtrails" needs.


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